Text Review of “9 end 2 outs” (Korean Drama)

Hello. This is a Korean in America. Today I will like to review the Korean drama”9 end 2 outs”.

First off, even though the title is a baseball situation, this show is not about baseball.

Baseball is an element and baseball terminology is used as a framing device in the beginning of each episode. This show can be described as a trendy drama or dramady.
The show is centered on two lifelong friends. It is just that they are of the opposite gender.

The show starts on New Year’s Eve and the two receive a text message. The text message was a reserve the date message to meet on this day who they have both forgotten about. For these friends who are 29 years old and now are going to turn 30, this message remind them of this.
Watching the year end and a New Year start, the two friends console each other and look back on how the best years of their lives had passed by.
This friendship is the core of the show. The show chronicles how their friendship is affected by the year when they turn 30. This starts with the two becoming roommates.

The characters…

The guy friend works at an ad firm and is still hung up on an ex-girlfriend who left years ago.
She is now a famous guitarist located in Europe.

The girl is a unpublished writer who is now working at a small publishing firm. However, she is not satisfied being an editor and still wants to be a published writer.
The two have been friends for almost all their lives although this part of their lives is never really portrayed in the show. They have the kind of friendship that can only exist when formed in an early age.

They talked to each other about their love lives. They tease each other. They are sometime inconsiderate to each other.
The following scene summarizes their relationship nicely.
One day, they are drunk walking down the street. The guy sees a giant billboard of his ex promoting her album. The girl looks at him and looks at the billboard. The she draws on the ex’s face.
Spoilers, they end up at the local police station.
Overall, they have great chemistry. Both actors in this show tend to be type-casted in their respectful roles. However, the roles in this show provide them with some opportunity to flex their acting muscles.
One critique is that the actor who plays the guy only has a single glance. It is a good glace with a mixture of sincerity and sadness. And it works great with the actress. But it is still noticeable. The actress on the other hand is wonderful. This is the role which made me fall in love with her.
You can notice that mixture of fading youth and emerging maturity in her performance.
The plot…..
During their 30th year on the earth, they end up living together as roommates for a few brief months.
During that the guy tries to move on with his love life while the girl is trying to win a literary contest and get published.
Rather than having one central plot, this show is made up of a few multi-episode arcs.
While the overall theme is about entering your 30s, these arcs have individual themes.
So, the show moves on at a fast pace. Each arc does not last more than 3 episodes.
You would expect that the whole trying to adjust to living together story arc would last longer than 2 episodes. But it is over at beginning of episode 3.

Although this structure provides variety, there are noticeable shifts between arcs which are not always good. The first arc is really heavy on comedic elements. There are really outrageous moments where I burst out laughing. It’s never that funny after the first arc and becomes more of a straight drama after episode 10. This is disappointing as you get hooked to the show because of the comedic stuff.
When I first saw the show, I was surprised not only because it was very funny, but because it displayed level of emotional maturity not common in Korean drama.
As represented by the age of the characters, this show is good at balancing the innocence and fun of being young and the maturity of age brings.
What I especially like is how the show treats love.
Throughout their lives, both the characters had many other loves.  Both have first-hand knowledge of these loves and supported each other when they ended.
Spoilers, the two end up falling in love. However, it is not treated as the ultimate love.

Each love is reflected as valued part of their lives.
The show does suffer from a weaker latter portion. They tried to expand the scope of the show by introducing other friends and old loves. This does not work. For 2 or 3 episodes after the 10th, it almost seemed as if it was turning into a more typical melodrama with it heavy handed treatment of love.
However, the show does recover in the last 2 episodes and has a great ending embracing the future while not totally forgetting one’s youth.

At the end, the relationship between the two characters is the best thing of the show. I think that they are my number 1 couple in any Korean drama. You love how their relationship evolves. Even though they were friends for almost 30 years, there were distances or gaps in their relationship.  But, through living together, this changed.
Before, they were great fiends.  Now they are companions addicted to having each other.
It is really lovely how they get really accustomed to eating meals together at home without noticing it. It became second nature.
The show is an instant classic!!!!

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  1. I have this one in my 'to watch' queue on Drama Fever for the longest time. I don't feel 'spoiled' reading this because I expect a happy ending and that the friends fall in love. It's the journey that's fun to watch. One day I will get to watching it. Thanks for the review.

    1. It is not that really a goal focused like recent K-dramas. The show is about this really odd relationship stuck in the friend zone. During the mid-2000s, K-drama had s surge of creativity that made it possible for J-drama type out of the box shows to pop up.