Review of the last 10 episodes: “Innocent man”

Hello, this is a Korean in America.
In a previous video, I review the first 10 episodes of the Korean drama “Innocent man”.
Since the show has ended about 2 or 3 weeks ago, I would like to take the opportunity to review the remaining 10 episodes.
Recap of old episodes:
Before talking about the new episodes, let’s recap the old ones. I will have to warn you of spoilers since I will not refrain from it. I do not think that it will make much difference for those willing to see this show. You will get an idea why from the remaining content of this video.
The show starts with a young romantic couple who share a similar upbringing of being poor and being neglected by family. I will not bother with their actual names rather I’ll just call them the poor guy and girl.
The poor girl who was a journalist at the time accidentally kills a drunken informant in self-defense. Rather than turning herself in, she calls the poor guy. He gives up a promising carrier as a medical student and takes the blame in her place. While the poor guy was in prison for a man slaughter charge, the poor girl dumps him to become the girlfriend of an older business mogul.
The show jumps 6 years and the poor guy is out living as a jiglo/grafter. The poor girl is no longer poor as a girl friend of a rich guy even giving birth to a son out of wedlock. She is currently waiting for the opportunity to become his legal wife. Everything seems to be going great except for one thing. The business mogul has a grown daughter. Let’s call her the rich girl. She hates the poor girl since she had taken the place of her mother.
Since they run in different circles, the poor girl has forgotten the poor guy. This is not the same for the poor guy who is still stuck in the past without any hope for the future. However, one day they bump into each other on a plane coming from Japan.
The reactions to this chance encounter differ between the two characters. The poor girl feels guilty ancient tries to provide financial compensation. The poor guy’s reaction is to seduce the rich girl…? The rational for this behavior is difficult to understand but this is not the outrageous problem.
Problems with the Previous episodes:
previous stated my love for the show after seeing the first 10 episodes. At the same time, I recognized it has serious flaws. It is a show that uses beautiful cinematography and very photogenic actors to hide the fact that the script is terrible and the acting less than good being on the level of the twilight movies.
As with all of the twilight movies, the world presented is the show isn’t believable. How does he get man slaughter considering its does not make sense without the poor girl? How does the poor guy get out prison in less than 6 years? Even with the main characters, there is no effort to age the actors up considering they are playing older characters.
Now I think about it, the basic approach to storytelling is shared between this show and the twilight movies.
New episodes and the introduction of new plot elements:
The show’s problems become more evident in the last 10 episodes of the show.
The script becomes sloppier than before. The writer introduces the gimmick of amnesia more accurately amnesia caused by brain damage to create conflict. The rich girl finds out the history between poor couple and confronts the poor guy. This confrontation ends in a calm manner which is reasonable. The two barely know each other and did nothing more than kiss 2 or 3 times. The rich girl starts to drive away but suddenly turn around driving the opposite driving lane. The poor guy is driving on the same route and meets rich girl in a tunnel resulting in a crash.
This situation does not make any sense. Was the girl suicidal? if so, why crash into that car? Did she know the opposite car was his? The show somewhat implies this but there are no realistic way she would. This is the same for the guy. He doesn't attempt to evade the collision. Was the guy also suicidal?
First act or second act?:
The reasons for the introduction of “amnesia “ as a new plot element seem to be in part because of the pacing of the show. In a 20 episode show, it should be well into the second act after the10th episode. This is not the case for this show. The second act only starts with the introduction of the amnesia plot line. The first 10 episodes could be seen as setup.
This pacing problem is caused by indecisiveness regarding the thematic focus of the show. Is it a love story? Is it a revenge story?
If the show was a love story, the first 10 episodes works very nice as a first and second act of this love story between the poor guy and rich girl. When I only finished the first 10 episodes in my previous video, this is what I was seeing.
Starting with the 11h episode, the show seems to have changed its mind. Now it is more of a revenge and redemption story. Thus, the first 10 episodes becomes merely the setup for the actual story staring with the 11th episode. Not only does this bring confusion to the flow of the narrative, it marginalizes the good elements of the first 10 episodes since they play less of in the remaining episodes.
The new episodes:
So, does the new direction of the work? it doesn’t!!!.
When the show was just a small love story, the small scope worked even with the non-existing plot, poor acting, and terrible writing. The most evident problem with the plot is that all main characters are passive actors when it comes to the plot. It is an introverted person’s fantasy. No one has a concrete motivation or an intelligent plan on what to do. They just react to the situation and the plot moves forward.
However, when the scope of the show enlarges, this no longer works. With the resources available to wealthy individuals, the audience expects their motivations and resulting fights to drive the plot and create drama. This does not happen. The poor girl who acts as the antagonist is more indecisive than before. She is unsure what to do and how she feels about the other main characters. The lawyer who is a minor character hijacks the antagonist role but at the same time is barely on screen. This is the same for the poor guy. The show is about the fight but both participants passive. So, the show drifts with sudden jumps in plot that do not feel organic.
The character dynamic of the new episodes:
This passivity wrecks the dynamic between the poor guy and girl. This dynamic was never strong because it was treated as a backdrop to the poor guy and rich girl dynamic. While the poor couple has more interactions in the later episodes, it is evident that one side of the love triangle collapses.
On the other hand, the poor guy and rich girl dynamic suffer from the introduction of the amnesia. It changes the rich girl’s character totally. Before she was a hard as nails character who was experiencing real love for the first time in her late 20s. The actress has difficulty playing the first part but was great at the other part which makes her character great after the initial few episodes. After the brain damage, the rich girl devolves into a childish version of herself. The actress plays it flat erasing any sense of personality with the character’s memories. The poor guy and rich girl dynamic suffers drastically.
The third act and ending:
It is difficult to sit that the show has a proper third act. The ending is abrupt and unsatisfying. The show introduces the plot point of the poor guy suffering from brain illness. The antagonist, poor girl, hearing this just gives up. She just gives up…..
Not only is it very anticlimactic, it shows that the show had no idea how to end the plot.
It could be said that the show didn’t end but was abandoned.
The conclusion of the new episodes:
The last 10 episodes suffer from the directional change in the plot which exaggerated preexisting problems with the show: poor writing, bad acting, and passive characters. The cinematography which was so great that helped hide the show’s problems is less impressive in the new episodes.
So, for the new 10 episodes, you are left with a mess of a show that quickly loses he excitement accumulated during the early episodes. The innocent man is the biggest letdown of 2012.
I would recommend stop watching after the car accident. 


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