Hello, this is a Korean in America. Today, we will be looking back at a K-drama called “Ooh la la Couple” which provide a glimpse on how Korean society view women.

It is not uncommon that a society’s views are reflected in even its lowest and broadest entertainment products. As K-dramas do fit into this category, this could also be applied to this entertainment medium. However, this may not be obvious because of the manner in which these views are formularized and the polish that goes into its presentation. We, the audience, may just accept the formula without any further deliberation about the views being displayed. Then, a series comes along that displayed certain views so blatantly that it is like getting hit by a sledge hammer. The series “Ooh la la Couple” is one of those cases in which the views of Korean society regard women are blatant and it is not a pretty sight.
Hello this is a Korean in America. Today, we’ll be looking into the show called “You’re The Best Lee Soon-Shin”.

While for most of my readers, the K-drama format most familiar would the miniseries format which runs for 16 to 25 episodes. In most cases, these shows are aired during the week for 2 consecutive days except for the week ends. However, there are other formatted shows running on Korean television. There is the sitcom format that got its start really after Korea got introduced to “Friends”. There are the daily soaps that run every day except for the weekends. During the weekends, it is common that longer running series which run for 50 plus episodes would be shown. “You’re The Best Lee Soon-Shin” is one of these shows scheduled for a 50 episode run.

Hello. This a Korean in America. In Korean, there seems to be a new trend incorporating new/odd subject matters into their shows in order to bring something new into the, at this point, rather stale K-drama formula. “The Master's Sun” is one of those new Korean dramas staring Gong Hyo Jin (female) and So Ji Sub (male) as the two protagonist leads.

I have recently have been on the kick of re-watching movies that came out during the summer. For background, the summer of 2013 was the worst season for movies that I can remember. Every movie that came out seemed to be not only disappointing but also paled in comparison with any movie that I could remember from the other past years. Among the many movies I saw during the past few months, the only movies I enjoyed and came out of the theater without having a bad taste in my mouth was “Before Midnight” and “Pacific Rim”.

The “The Butler” which had a director’s name attached to the title marque because of a silly Hollywood legal dispute.  With hind sight, this may not have been a good idea for the director.

 Recently, A convention of star trek fans voted the “Star Trek: Into darkness” as the worst Star Trek movie ever including the infamous “Star Trek V” and “Galaxy quest”, the great spoof of Star Trek movies . So, I had the idea of dropping by my local dollar heater to re-watch “Star Trek: Into darkness”.  

What I did not know was that this visit would bring a resolution to my personal journey with the movie. A journey filled with hatred that almost pushed me over towards the dark side of trolling. And yes…I also enjoy “Star Wars”.
“Let the hatred flow through you!”

A few days ago, I was browsing through the kids section of Neflix and noticed Sarah Hyland on a movie poster. While I am not a huge fan of “Modern Family”, I had found her interesting before which led me to click on play.

Before anything, “We're the Millers” is basically a road trip comedy movie starring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis. You stick a group of people in an automobile and move them from point A to B. Along the way, hilarity ensues. Thus, it is a throwback to the road trip movies of the 80s and early 90s.

 Think about “National lampoon’s Vacation” series. “We're the Millers” updates this movie sub-genre with incorporating the raunchy comedy genre elements.

“Percy Jackson: sea of monsters” is the second installment in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series based on the young adult series of books of the same name. The first movie “Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief “came out during 2010 and did lukewarm business for Fox. So, getting a sequel was never given even though there was a dedicated fan base for the books. But, Fox’s need for a successful franchise gave Percy and company a second chance. Did it pay off? Well… It’s better than the first movie.