Hello. This is a Korean in America. Today, I will be discussing the relatively recent trend in Korean drama  of presenting an alternative history in which the Korean monarchy still exist to this day. I would like to provide some historical background for this revolutionary trend.

In Korean dramas, there was a trend a few years ago of creating a bunch of series with an alternative history setting in which there was still a monarchy in Korea. Examples would be Goong and Goongs.  

Hello. This is a Korean in America. In this article, I would like to discuss the 50 episode full series K-drama in general. It is a subgenre of K-dramas in which interesting characters, dynamic relationships, and slice of life storytelling need to come together but usually falls short. However, it is a better window into Korean society than the 20ish episode miniseries! And, when on the rare instance in which everything comes together to create a gem of structural perfection, it is something special!

Hello. This is a Korean in America. Today, I went to go see RiffTrax’s performance of the movie, “Starship Troopers”, courtesy of Fathom events and my local AMC multiplex. And the movie “Starship Troopers” kicked RiffTrax’s ass.

This is my first introduction to Mystery Science Theater 3000 style movie commentary. From the experience today…, this style of commentary consists of throwing jokes at the screen and see what sticks. With RiffTrax, you have 3 over-weight old white guys, who think they are comedians although this is debatable, on one side of the stage showing 1997 Paul Verhoeven’s Sci-fi flick, “Starship Troopers”. From my tone, you can guess I had some problems with RiffTrax’s performance.

Hello. This is a Korean in America. This article is another entry into the Dollar Theater Series. I will be discussing the movie “World War Z” and its lead the Legendary Brad Pitt.

Today, I visited my local dollar theater to see “World War Z”. My background with “World War Z” starts with standing for hours in a Mega book store in Seoul, Korea a few years ago. I loved the book which made be shed a tear or two at the end. I saw the movie “World War Z”on opening day this year. Beforehand,  I knew all the problems with production and I knew that the movie was “World War Z” in name only. So I had very low expectations. And the movie failed to satisfy even that level of expectation. I will not go over the individual problems with the movie as they are thoroughly discussed when the movie came out.

This time, sitting in the dollar theater, I knew all the problems, all the silly scenes, all the non-sense in the plot. So, it was less jarring than before. With the initial repulsion subdued by time, I enjoyed “World War Z” more and was able to zoom into what this movie really is and to Brad Pitt as an actor.

Hello. This is a Korean in America! K-drama has some seriously crazy female characters who are treated to be normal. And the latter part is what is unique about K-dramas. Mental illness is just seen as being a bitch! sigh...
  1. Yoon Seol-Ah from My Love Madame Butterfly 
Hello. This is a Korean in America. Today, I would like to examine the romantic relationships portrayed in K-dramas. I will be looking over some couples in recent and past series and discussing their merits. This may become a possible series of post if I find a lot of material.

Jane Austen created the foundation of all modern Romances through her novels such as “Pride and Prejudice.” Her romance formula include the oddly matched couple with a rocky start, trouble caused by misunderstanding and lack of communication, and a happy ending against serious odds. While romantic movies are in a slump in Hollywood, the Jane Austen tradition lives on in K-dramas.

Hello. This is a Korean in America. I just came of the theater showing "Blue Jasmine" By Woody Allen.

And I would like to say a short few words... It was pretty interesting. As a casual Woody Allen fan, I did not know too much about the film. He tends to be hit and miss with his movies although overall interesting at least.

Hello. This is a Korean in America! This blog just reached 4000 hits total for this little Blog!
Thanks everyone!

Hello! This is a Korean in America. While watching the paranormal detective K-drama “Who are you?”, I could not believe that our protagonist was a proper police career officer.

This made me think about the past portrayal of police in K-drama. While the number of K-dramas based on the subject of crime and police is by no means low in recent years,  I do not think that the “cops and robbers” genre has been solidly established in Korean entertainment. There seems to be no clearly established formula regarding what a crime series should be and what it means to be a police officer in K-dramas. Rather, it seems that in many cases, but not all, the crime elements are grafted on to existing K-drama sub-genre structures.

Hello. This is a Korean in America. I'm currently on a Full series watching Kick! I personally think that full series are the best when they are able to capture the reality or essence of living in Korean society.

While there are a lot great things about Korea, in many ways, it is like living in the fictional version of American high school. It is difficult to find your place in the social hierarchy and you are constantly insecure about your own worth as an individual in social context.

It is a journey filled with thorns and no one who travels that path is left without serious scars. Because of the format's nature, full series tend to use a slice of life type story telling method. The advantage of this method of story telling is that it is more suited to reflect the reality of life and provide meaning to it. We, as the audience, follow characters similar to ourselves and try to find the meaning of our lives at the same time the characters find their own. It is this emotional journey that makes the long periods of nothing really happening enjoyable. If a series fails to acknowledge this, it ends up with a lot of what the audience perceives as fillers.

What is your favorite full series K-drama?
Hello. This is a Korean in America. I would like to post some series that I am looking into posting about in the near future. Among the 4 series, you can see that 2 are full series. I am currently on a full series kick.
This is because those shows do reflect more closely the social aspects of Korean society which is a subject I have interest in. I have done some reviews for full series such as "Assorted Gems" , “You’re The Best Lee Soon-Shin”

You can go and click on those links if you want some back ground about the difference between full and miniseries K-dramas. 

Hello. This is a Korean in America. With the last few posts, I have gone back in time to cover K-dramas from the past. Now, I turn back my personal TARDIS or Time machine for those not familiar with Dr. Who and return back to my present.

“Who are you?” is a currently [late august 2013] ongoing paranormal detective K-drama miniseries. The protagonist of the series is Yang Si Ohn played by So Yi Hyun who was and is a carrier female police officer. This is the detective aspect of the series. After coming out of a long term comma, she is now able to see ghosts but has a limited amnesia surrounding the events of a police shooting that facilitated her comma. This is the paranormal aspect of the series. After coming out of the comma, Yang Si Ohn is assigned to take charge of the lost & found department. The series is a mix of a ghost of the week type two part episodes which originate from things that end up at the lost & found and a central plotline in which Yang Si Ohn is trying to solve the mystery surrounding the events that led to her comma.
Hello. This is a Korean in America. It has been sometime since we discussed a movie. The reason for this is that the summer season is winning down and not much good stuff has been coming out. However, this Labor Day weekend, I went to see a small movie called “The spectacular now”. Let talk about this critical darling!

Before it had been released the movie “The Spectacular Now” got a lot of positive critical responses. So, I went into the movie with the hope of seeing a small decent movie. When I came out of the movie, my response was “it was ok”. I did not agree with all the phrase the movie was getting but could not get my finger on what specifically made it not that great. The acting was good overall. The cinematography was good for this type of movie. So, why did I not respond to this movie as well as my respected peers online and everywhere else?