A Korean in America: Some of the series I am looking into posting about...

Hello. This is a Korean in America. I would like to post some series that I am looking into posting about in the near future. Among the 4 series, you can see that 2 are full series. I am currently on a full series kick.
This is because those shows do reflect more closely the social aspects of Korean society which is a subject I have interest in. I have done some reviews for full series such as "Assorted Gems" , “You’re The Best Lee Soon-Shin”

You can go and click on those links if you want some back ground about the difference between full and miniseries K-dramas. 

Live in Style: Full series 51 episodes (2011)

Dandelion Family: Full series 50 episodes (2010)
A Man's Story: Miniseries 20 episodes (2009)

The Musical:  Miniseries 15 episodes (2009)


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