"Blue Jasmine" By Woody Allen (Spoiler!): If Jasmine was in Korea, she wouldn't have a chance!

Hello. This is a Korean in America. I just came of the theater showing "Blue Jasmine" By Woody Allen.

And I would like to say a short few words... It was pretty interesting. As a casual Woody Allen fan, I did not know too much about the film. He tends to be hit and miss with his movies although overall interesting at least.
It is not clear what the movie is about other than seeing a women loosing all hope and attachments to her life and loosing her mind with the beautiful San Francisco as a backdrop. This is a interesting contrast as the San Francisco scenery is shot with this breezy gentle touch. However, on screen you see a woman loose her mind. 

Oh my god! Cate Blanchett was spectacular! She is still very hot even though her character is a mess! This character shows her at the top of her game. In some way, it is better than Natalie Portman in Black Swan as you see 
Cate Blanchett's character desperately try to get things together but end up failing....

What is interesting is that I imagine that she would have gone crazy in half the time in Korea! In this movie, the other characters are not bad people. Well... most of the people not trying to hit on Cate Blanchett . However, there are constantly crowding in on Cate Blanchett's character. I mean it is obvious that she is troubled and is mentally fragile but the people surrounding her is constantly putting pressure on her by just normal interactions. It is not intentional. They just seem to not understand what their normal interaction and the demands they put on her by their interactions has on the  Cate Blanchett's character, Jasmine. 

At the end, Jasmine goes insane and no one really notices and thus no one cares. Seen objectively, the pressures and unintentional psychological damage created by normal activities in Korea is larger because of the crowed and insulated nature of the society. 

Just see any K-dramas! It is filled with characters that desperately need professional psychological help. 

Name a few bellow...

Score: A


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