Female K-drama characters I think is just bat shit mental... (K-Drama and Mental Health Series)

Hello. This is a Korean in America! K-drama has some seriously crazy female characters who are treated to be normal. And the latter part is what is unique about K-dramas. Mental illness is just seen as being a bitch! sigh...
  1. Yoon Seol-Ah from My Love Madame Butterfly 
  2. Choi Eun-Ok &Lee Soo-Jin, the mother-daughter combo from Wonderful Mama
  3. Chae Young Rang from Five Fingers
  4. Joo Da Hae from Queen Of Ambition
  5. Bang Young Ja, the mother in law from Hundred Year Inheritance
  6. Han Jae Hee from Innocent Man ! although it seems more of a writing problem...
  7. Bae Kang hee from The Musical


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