What is your favorite Full Series K-Drama?

Hello. This is a Korean in America. I'm currently on a Full series watching Kick! I personally think that full series are the best when they are able to capture the reality or essence of living in Korean society.

While there are a lot great things about Korea, in many ways, it is like living in the fictional version of American high school. It is difficult to find your place in the social hierarchy and you are constantly insecure about your own worth as an individual in social context.

It is a journey filled with thorns and no one who travels that path is left without serious scars. Because of the format's nature, full series tend to use a slice of life type story telling method. The advantage of this method of story telling is that it is more suited to reflect the reality of life and provide meaning to it. We, as the audience, follow characters similar to ourselves and try to find the meaning of our lives at the same time the characters find their own. It is this emotional journey that makes the long periods of nothing really happening enjoyable. If a series fails to acknowledge this, it ends up with a lot of what the audience perceives as fillers.

What is your favorite full series K-drama?


  1. The only full series I like so far is Creating Destiny. But then again, I am not a fan of full series. Perhaps, are Brilliant Legacy and Can You Hear My Heart? considered a full series too? What do you categorize full K-Drama series?

  2. Creating Destiny was more of a overblown miniseries as I think It got a 10 episode extension. Same with Can You Hear My Heart. Usually miniseries are around 20 episodes. Full series are 50+. Examples of full series are Assorted Gems, You're best Lee shun shin!, Wonderful Mama, etc.

    Historical "Sa guk" could be a full series but they tend to become their own sun genre. There are not as much full series since only really the networks do them and the only time slots are the weekends. series with 100+ are daily soaps.

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  4. Hello! I have seen a lot of Korean dramas,and not only(also Japanese and Taiwanese ones). 2 days ago i finished a full length drama : "Family's Honor" which i liked,but not as much as other full length dramas i have watched. My first Korean drama was a full length drama :"Loving you a thousand times" (55 episodes) which i liked a lot, even though it tore my hear apart.... "New tales of Gisaeng" is another full length drama i have watched (52 Episodes), i liked it a lot. And then "Life is beautiful (63 Episodes) really nice and funny drama..... And i also watched "Ojakgyo brothers"(58 Episodes) ,one of the funniest dramas i've ever watched.
    I like Full length dramas because they are complete with a lot of elements and a lot of characters development. It gives you a complete view of their lives. Now i plan to watch "My daughter Seo Young"(50 Episodes), people say that this is a very good drama, i have great expectations.... !!

  5. A Korean in AmericaOctober 23, 2013 at 5:05 PM

    Thanks for commenting! "Family's Honor" wasn't bad but was rather dull. I could never get into New tales of Gisaeng though!
    Have you seen some of the full series that I reviewed?
    "My daughter Seo Young" was good upto half way. "Seo Young" was an interesting character and I liked the character. However, like many full series, it does go down hill in the latter parts as the character disintegrates to a a shallow husk of what she was before.
    It is simply too much for 1 or 2 people to write 2 episode per week for 25 weeks without crashing and burning.

  6. You're welcome !
    Well, the only full series i have seen,are those i mentioned in my comment. The full series you have reviewed,i have them on my list,but haven't watched them yet. There are a lot of twists in the plot during a full series, but it's the only way for them to keep the audience on the screen. Of course there are those dramas that are good from the beginning to the end and you never get tired of them. For ex. i liked a lot Ojakgyo brothers, from the beginning to the end, even though it was predictable how things were going to turn out.
    Well i don't know why but i liked a lot New tales of Gisaeng. Of course there were holes in the plot,but i liked it anyway.

  7. I never watched a 50+ KDrama before. Too long. Till Empress Ki appeared on the horizon, with Ha Ji Won as lead.
    50 or 60 episodes. 4 episodes are out at this moment, and I like it.
    But waiting for next week's episodes is not my thing, spoiled because of the older series that are ready to watch in one go.

    I discovered Empress Chun Chu in the lists: 2009, 78 episodes.
    There are very few comments and reviews about it to find.
    78 episodes is a bit too much I guess for many. But reviews and comments are seldom a reason to watch or not to watch something.
    I started with it, and it is my drama to pass the dull and wet month november always is.
    Large scale settings, either the fights, ceremonies and the general drama.
    There is a fair share of music and dance in it.

    Empress Ki feels a bit as "the lighter side of...".
    Getting involved with 2 Empresses at the same time is a bit too much, I will pick up with Empress Ki again after this.

  8. A Korean in AmericaNovember 11, 2013 at 3:18 AM

    Well historical K-dramas are a genre on its own.
    At least those have a more significant plot to drive the pacing compared to family dramas.

    Have you tried “Soldier” or “God of war”?

    I only saw 40 % of the episodes and it was not bad.

  9. I finished Empress Chun Chu last week. Based on historic facts, taking liberty here and there perhaps for the sake of romance, suspense and drama, it is one of the best drama's I watched this year. A vital period in Goryeo's/Korea's history influencing also the nearby parts of China. The drama was aimed at the male and the female audience I read somewhere: Long explicit bloody fights, but a lot of room to let the characters fight out their opinions in dialogs too. Also the romantic parts !

    The setting is immense: In the many scenes where complete armies are on the move or fighting, there must have been hundreds of people being involved, and perhaps as much horses.
    The music that goes with and underneath the whole drama is well chosen.
    It has a Grand Opera-feel.
    Specially when the Empress herself is contemplating on her decisions, the loneliness of a woman that does not give up on her dreams.

    The whole drama has a natural speed, changing from intense to relaxed and back.

  10. A Korean in AmericaDecember 18, 2013 at 4:10 PM

    I've been a little put off by historical fantasy nowadays.
    So I haven't seen any of the ones you mentioned :P