Live tweet Roll #Heirs episode 2

Live tweeting episode 2
Ok awkward. Dialog pickup

What is he drinking ?

Who just gives a cop her passport?

The dialog is unspeakable. Akward! Can't blame just the actors. .. blaming the writter

what is that tall green and black drink everyone is drinking?

I still cannot not swallow the tacky names of the companies in

The brother's eyes are just dead without any emoting!

10 minutes in! I don't think that the family register works like that legally any more! 호적

You know I think the brother should just hook up with his father's second mistress. Would be more interesting

how many women does the chairman father have 3?

13 minutes stop with the voice over

No nock? How rude

Who gives anyone a dream cather as a give just like this?

Suffer boy! Let's actually see some surfing!

What over reaction? Have seen a girlbin underware living in California?

#19 minutes. .. not bad scenery

The girl lead is getting too old for young girl roles

She should be really pretty in the scene but not

Is that a pink sports car?

22 minutes again with awkward dialog

Is that a real college?

What class is this? Not English

That professor is so not real! Too soft

Korean girls really get liberated after going abroad

think lit or communication class

you have to wait before translating

28 minutes once again sleezy white guys

fat joke! Shame

getting lag in streaming

Still can't differentiate all the cast.

Who has glass doors for their toilet door

Who wears white sneakers with a suit combo ?

the guy is terrible at flirting

The lead couple have no chemistry

Where did the sports car go? No taxi

they actually referenced the taxi thing but I think it is just that the lease ran out

42 minutes and nothing actually happened!

The creepy main guy is basically cyber stalking her

Who is this girl?

The carryon rolls down stairs and who know that it is empty

60 minutes awkward running scene

End of live streaming episode 2. Another mediocre episode where nothing happens


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