New Ongoing K-drama Series Scores!

 This is a Korean in America. After watching the first 2 episodes of Marry him if you dare, I decided to measure the current crop of K-dramas airing. Below are the grades accompanied with the reasoning behind the grades given. Enjoy!

#The Heirs 
Score: C 
Reasons: The concept and script are uninteresting while the main characters have no chemistry other than both being attractive. On a technical level, the editing and camera work is average but not memorable.Other words, it is mediocre. 

#Marry him if you dare

Score: D 
Reasons: While the concept may be interesting, the execution is terrible! The script does not make much sense in its development. The characters are not defined at all with Yoon Eun Hye doing are old character again but much more poorly. She is getting too old for that character. Overall, the series is miscast. 
On a technical level, the editing and camera work very lazy and even poor like no one came out of film school. The scenes are static and the editing does not have any energy. The sound design is the most poor ever for the K-drama in recent memory.
Other words, it is sucks!

#The Suspicious Housekeeper  
Score: B 
Reasons: As a J-drama remake, the concept and script but the remake does not contribute significantly anything new. Casting wise, the adults are miscast. On a technical level, the editing and camera work is decent both fail to create the unique atmosphere of the original.  
Other words, it is decent but nothing more.

 #A Little Love Never Hurts
Score: A- 
Reasons: While not all the characters are home runs, it has enough interesting characters and relationship to support a 50 episode run. A few episodes in, the pacing is not bad.
On a technical level, nothing bad is noticeable which is above average for a K-drama. I like the fact that the editing is clean.
It is one of the leads in currently ongoing K-dramas

 #Unemployed Romance  
Score: B- 
Reasons: At the moment, the series is a one women show! As a one woman show, the lead is a interesting character. The other characters are not yet developed. 
Technically,  you see that this show has a very low budget but tries to compensate with some decent camera work and editing. However, it is still cheap looking overall.
It is not one of the best currently ongoing K-dramas. However, it is more like a small indie drama that is humorous but not over the top or sloppy.

 #Medical Top Team
Score: B+ 
Reasons: As a medical drama, it succeeds in neither being boring or #K-drama campy/over the top. The main two leads are interesting although not developed yet. They work well off each other for what scenes they shared. However, it still unclear whether this will be maintained through out its run.
Technically,  the camera work and editing is very nice! it creates a nice degree of suspense during the surgery scenes which is not easy.
It is one of the leads in currently ongoing K-dramas. However, we haven't seen enough the be sure about its quality.

#Passionate Love
Score: B- 
Reasons: At the moment, this series seems like a cliche and campy K-drama. For what is is, it does not seem bad although the younger actors' acting skills are not very high. 
Nothing with this K-drama catched my attention.

Score: B+ 
Reasons: this series is a cliche K-drama but in a good way. It is moody and emotionally manipulative with its characters. The plot is deliciously convoluted with most of the problems generated because the characters are idiots. But you keep watching because you want to see how more twisted the plots and relationships could be.
Technically,  the camera work and editing is very smooth with some dynamic scenes. Just on a technical level, this is the best.
It is one of the leads in currently ongoing K-dramas. However, it is almost sure that the pay back at the end will be very disappointing 


  1. Racheal Carter-RaganOctober 21, 2013 at 4:40 AM

    i just read the article on drama fever. It was pretty amusing. It is kind of weird that she didn't pick a more intelligent plan before traveling back into time. It's also strange to me how the younger character completely disregards all of the warnings her older self gives. If that happened to me, I think I would listen to myself lol.

  2. A Korean in AmericaOctober 21, 2013 at 5:06 AM

    It's sloppy writing! The show has some very poor pre-production work!
    It feels very rushed and cheap... but that's my rant

    I think this is a remake or at least a loose adaptation of J-drama
    Juunen Saki mo Kimi ni Koishite

    But not exactly sure since the husband comes back to warn his wife not to marry him in J-drama.
    While not great, J-drama was at least competently made