Ask a Korean: Twitter Discussion about where to start with good china or Taiwan drama

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  1. I loved Brain.

    1- Yes the protagonist, Lee Kang-Hoon, had an outsized ego, but he had the talent to back it up. I felt as if his struggles in the hospital was against a entrenched system that did not recognized talent but deferred to connections and as a result was suffocating.

    2-the female lead, Yoon Ji-Hye, destroyed the image of professional women everywhere with her incompetence. Compassion is important when practicing medicine. I would rather have a skilled and compassion doctor. But if for some bizarre reason I can only have one of those elements, I would chose skilled.

    3- I thought the protagonist struggle with his family, particularly his mother, was a more significant element to the drama than his relationship with that female faux doctor. [I'm being more harsh than I was when I first viewed the drama.] As was his strangely combative relationship with his mentor Kan Sang-Chul and his rival Seo Joon-Suk. Also Lee Sung-Min's work in that drama was priceless.

    4- Shin Ha-Kyun's work was a tour de force. I tuned in just to watch him portray contained rage.