Rant about calling "JJ Abrams’ Star Trek" as "Star Trek"! It's a separate brand!

My response to "I was never a Trekkie"

Well, you are still not a Trekkie since JJ Abrams’ Star Trek is not "Star Trek".
One thing with "Star Trek" is that it always had consistency. It is what marvel comics are doing with their movies.
The TOS movies were Nicholas Meyer' Star Trek even the ones not directed by him.
The TNG movies were Rick Berman & Michael Piller's Star Trek.
Even the two movie franchised had a degree of consistently between them which created the "Star Trek" cinematic and TV universe. It created a Brand.
JJ Abrams’ Star Trek broke away from that brand. Thus, it is not within the "Star trek" Brand.
Rather, it is a separate brand that uses the brand recognition of the traditional "Star trek" Brand.
that's well and good but I hate when the two separate brands are discussed together by rolling them into one.
The movies should change it's title to "JJ Abrams’ Star Trek" or "JJ Abrams presents Star Trek"


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