Spiced-up fantasy plots in romantic works have been popular for a while in Korean drama. With 2013 having brought with it everything from mind-reading to ghosts, 'You Came From The Stars' came with a bit of a more unusual, but definitely more interesting approach. So how does a romantic drama about an alien's love with a human fair? So far, for what it seems to be building itself up to, it's doing well.

Hello. This is a Korean in American writing from a jet plane heading home. While on vacation, I saw a small movie, “her" in limited release at the time. The movie was getting some rave reviews and was not playing near me. So, I deliberately sought it out.

It is an east coast hipster reviewers’ wet dream movie pushing their neurotic button like crazy!

For everyone else...?
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This is a Korean in America. This the third class in my Kdrama 101 series. In this class, I will go over how Korean dramas attitude towards people influence the acting style in Korean dramas.

Hello. This is a Korean in America. We have been seeing K-dramas that are trying some new gimmicks to differentiate themselves from series that came before. And, usually they are just window dressing to spice up the basic K-drama format that we have seen tons of times before.

Does “My Love From Another Star” which uses an “Alien” gimmick not very common in K-dramas break this practice?
I was watching "The Devil Wears Prada" again for like the 3th time....
Who am I kidding!? While It this is not my favorite  Anne Hathaway or Meryl Streep movie, I've seen it at least 6 times.
And I remembered this excellent analysis of the movie.
Here it is.

With dramas being produced so frequently and all the regurgitated tropes that come with that, it is often the case for some dramas that there is not much potential there to begin with. They might be fun and good to pass the time, but nothing which could ever be more than that. Sometimes, though   READ MORE...>
It is hard to believe that it has only been one year since our esteem leader, Snoopy’s Twinkle, asked me to take over the Movie Monday slot. At first I thought it would be really easy as I watch movies every Friday, but lo and behold that is not the case. It has been a joy and privilege to bring my thoughts on movies this year, and I hope to continue next year. Keep those suggestions coming!


Hello. This is a Korean in America. This is the second class in Kdrama 101. Have you ever wondered why a Korean drama chose to go in a certain creative direction or a lack of a creative direction? To understand why, you have to understand the Korean audience!

 Hello. I am a Korean in America. Today, I went to see the movie “Saving Mr. Banks” in the morning and entered a time distortion field where no one under the age of 50 existed in the world. And then, all of the trailers were for these very corny religious films that were targeting the Easter holidays. So, I was rather concerned about how well this movie was going to do at a very competitive movie season…

What did I get from the movie…?
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Well you’ll get a hint from the title of the review.

It is a interesting analysis! I liked the movie but felt it was an overall mess!
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When Jeong Ryeo-won's character in 'The King of Dramas' wrote the drama all the characters were out to produce, it was pegged as a period noir romance set during the Japanese occupation and called 'Gyeongseong Morning'
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Hello. This is a Korean in America. The second installment of the controversial Hobbit franchise has come out to an audience that is hesitant after the first movie. Is it an improvement over the first Hobbit movie?

In the two previous pieces of the 'Strong Drama Women' trio, 'The Norm' and 'The Definition', I talked about how problematic and limiting the portrayals of women often are in Korean drama, with the rom-com drama being my main focus. When it is the genre most watched by and intended for women, it is surprising to see how little it sometimes thinks of them. But in my second piece, I talked about the existence of hope. And hope is here. Bellow I have only a few examples that belong in one or more categories of the definitions I gave in my previous piece. While not the only ones or possibly even best ones (I have not seen every drama out there after all), they are, out of the ones I have seen, good examples of how women can be well developed and respected as characters, while often still maintaining their role in their romance.
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Do You agree with the Author's argument?

[HanCinema's Column] Kdrama Fandom - Accepting Creative Decisions (via http://www.hancinema.net)
The persistence and aversion to change of the majority of kdrama fans is nothing new. Neither is our overall preference for romance, handsome young men and the less challenging sides of entertainment. However, where one would think there are limits…

Hello. This is a Korean in America. This is a preview of a new Monday/Tuesday K-drama,"The Prime Minister And I". This show maybe my guilty pleasure of the year which was filled with dull or just terrible shows.

Hello. This is a Korean in America and I cannot get into U.S. Comics/Graphic novels even though I tried several times.

Growing up in Korea, Manga was my native form of childhood entertainment. 

City hunter and Dragon Ball are titles that are dearest to my childhood memories.

We did not really get U.S. Comics/Graphic novels in Korea. The only titles I remember seeing around was some G.I. Joe and X-men titles which quickly came and went. They were experiments in Korean publishing that failed miserably and were never really attempted again. For us, this was not a big problem since the number of Manga being legally and illegally imported over from Japan was more than enough for us.

Once I came to the American shores, I tried to get into the Comics/Graphic novel medium. But I never could get into the medium.. The problem is that manga and Comic are two vastly different mediums with their own characteristics developed over time. For a new comer, these characteristics functions as a barrier to entry.
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Hello. This is a Korean in America.

Have you tried to get into K-dramas before and did not really get it?
Have you just got into the habit of watching K-dramas because your friends keep telling you to get on the band wagon?

While trying to get through the current bad crop of K-dramas, I thought to do an introduction to K-drama for the less well initiated to the medium.

This is class 1: Introduction.
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