I finally got Trolls of my "Bel Ami" review! Hit the big time!

Hello. This is a Korean In America! I was wondering why all my previous commenters were all well rounded, intelligent people. That is not the internet!

I was just too small!
Now I hit the big time! I have trolls. 

And why do the trolls think I am a female? I have videos up... You know that is sexist..


  1. Did you ever hear the phrase "Don't feed the trolls?" i think this is breakfast, lunch & dinner.

    BTW - The funniest one was about how you "came out of nowhere" - well, just cause they personally may not have heard of you (someone probably blogged it and told everyone to troll you) doesn't mean you came out of nowhere.

    Well, that and " u r definately wrong girl."

  2. hey dude I am one of the trolls who commented before ^_^... I just saw this article and I immediately remembered you ^_^ I hope you see and read