The Sawon: Business Korea Insider Perspective Article Repost

The Sawon: Business Korea Insider Perspective Article Repost: After the success of my original article Eight reasons why Korea has the Worst Productivity in the OECD I was lucky enough to have a edite...


  1. so you said, everyone is entitled to say something harsh?? her article is only based on her experience watching jun ji hyun for 3-4 times??? come on, who is the one being ridiculous here? seriously. Even a review must come in a good based of ethics and facts. She also has no sense by comparing stories, even in a real life, one people story can be similar with the other, but remember they have each own life which cannot be compare. This is drama, for god sake! If you don't enjoy it just don't watch it and write it like you're an expert. For someone who able to say "I am saying
    this as someone who watched her on TV for a long time and even saw 3~4 of her
    movies." she shows to the world how hypocrite she is, says Jun Ji Hyun bad actress but keep watching her all the time and then think she allow to make her own opinion by judging the actress (what a big LAUGH)LOL

  2. i should say that my love from the star so comedydrama there some sence taken from another movie but so nice korian nobela