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Here is a brief and bad example of a game of Go-stop on my Android Phone.

I liked the movie but get the issues with it.

In the previous posts, I talked about why I think the Japanese Flower cards used in the game of “Go-stop” are problematic. Now let’s go talk about what should be changed.

Hello. This is a Korean in America. Today I’m here to review the “The Lawyer, The Wife and The Boobs”…. Oh I mean the movie, The Other Woman.

Hello. This is a Korean in America. This is my initial review of the first 2 episodes of the Japanese drama called “Alice no Toge”.

In the previous posts, I talked about the mechanics of the game of “Go-stop” popular in Korea. Now let’s go to the terrible cards.

Hello. This is A Korean In America. Until know, I just had my blog's comment section, twitter, and facebook accounts open for communication. But I though that some may not be on those socical media platforms. So, I decided to get a dedicated E-mail account for this blog.

In the previous posts, I talked about why I think the game of “Go-stop” popular in Korea needs localizing to be widely distributed in the U.S. Now let’s talk about the game itself.

In a previous post, I talked about my ideas regarding the project for localizing some niche Korean entertainment products called “Korean Americana Project”.  The first idea that came to mind to gauge the waters for interest in this was the Korean card game called “Go-Stop”.

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Finally Got a Pinterest Account where a post Korean drama photos that I messed with using a few programs.

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Funny that She continuously talks about how much plastic surgery the female lead has had!

The fact, that something is popular or influential in one country, does not guarantee that the same phenomenon would occur in another country. 

In order to be accepted by a new non-native market, a product has to connect with the underlining psyche of the market in some manner. Depending on the market and product, the product’s pure functionality could be enough to make that connection. This is more difficult for entertainment or cultural products. These products need more effort put into localizing the product for the new market.
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Grade: B+

Light melodrama

What it’s about
Ji Young was always the prettiest girl around, but it turns out that adult life doesn’t live up to her high school expectations: She’s single and lives at home, the only girl in a working-class family of misfit men. At work she’s an elevator girl, valued for her good looks and pretty smile but constantly demeaned by her creepy boss. But with the inspiration of an old boyfriend and President Ma, the director of Seoul’s greatest beauty salon, Ji Young decides to change her life—and save a cosmetics company—by becoming Miss Korea, 1997.

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I need the title to better reflect the angle of the content of my blog.
A Korean in America 
This feels more to be a commentary about US and it's stuff by a foreigner.
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I'm more analytically and academic about K-drama than what is main stream for K-drama fandom.

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Chewing Up Tales from Korea!

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