The Game “Go-Stop” and its image in Korea (Project: Localizing “Go-Stop” #2)

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  1. I can't quite agree that this is a drama worth spending 50 hours watching. It started out very strongly: good acting and intro to the stories-to-come. Then, during the scene where the 4 Gems are kicking out their parents … more than 10 minutes of the Parents arguing and doing some finger pointing = really tiresome. The scene that finally had me say, "Enough is Enough!" = Jade throwing water and food at her fat and lecherous former co-worker. That was an unbelievable way for her character to behave … she who is most level-headed … it would have been a lot more believable had the writer(s) just had Jade lock the door behind her.

  2. That is the nature of long Korean family drama.
    It requires a lot of patience.

  3. I finished the show last night and I was extremely wow'd by the entire cast and where the show went. It was so tolerable and easy to watch. I laughed since the beginning to the end. What are the odds to have a set of children throwing their misbehaving parents away. The whole scenarios were too funny and they touched base on every aspect of life delicately yet spot on. We often found restless with our parents, misbehaving or not, and i like how the story presented it with humor.

    The ending... I was fine with death. One thing I notice that kdrama doesn't do well with death ending but Assorted Gems made it beautifully. Bravo to the PD and writers. I rated 8.5/10 (in MDL) being 1.5 lost to me being angry at Ggeut Soon and Dr. Yoo's mom (yes, I took it personally - can't help coz I'm a woman!). The fight they both put were so right yet I refused to take their side just because... But in any case, they are right. My son asked a good question. "Is there any bad guys or ladies in here?" Surprisingly no. Not at all.

    Yeah, extremely good family show in my opinion.