News Letter #2 (#YooInNa Theme)



  1. I might be wrong about this, but I notice that the only actresses who are marketable and get more exposure are the ones who keep up the squeaky-clean image, always looking like the school girl and not posing provocatively for magazines like this. Yoo In Ah has a ton of talent, it's a shame she doesn't get more lead roles. And then there's my favorite, Han Chae Ah. Although I don't think she's ever been a lead, she captivates me in every role and adds layers and dimensions to her characters, like Lara in "Bridal Mask" or the reporter in "Marry him if you dare."

  2. Well, I guess once you're satisfied with the final product a proper title will come. I like it because it's mysterious. For those who don't know the history it makes you wonder why she had them? I'm guessing this is definitely modern thinking clashing with the old. It's almost like the title of a Korean mystery novel. I would probably just use 'The Stilletto shoes in a refugee's luggage.' okay, being jokey, "The refugee wore Stillettos.' lol