REVIEW: MISS KOREA by [Obsessive Compulsive Kdrama Watching Disorder]

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  1. A cool idea if you want to stalk your favorite dramabloggers on twitter and facebook. I like it :)

  2. It's barely summer here in NYC. :( The weather will hit eighty at most, then the next day will be pouring and thunder and be sixty-five again. I'm just getting over a bad cold. Or going through one anyway. Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons for sure, but not when it's supposed to be May and June! Now I understand why depression rates soar in places where the sun doesn't seem to rise (or set) for months, or it's always freezing, etc. But at least I can still wear cute fashion scarves and jackets. :p

    You have some good updates. I like the idea of Drama pages with all the links. I notice you post a lot of reviews/articles from other bloggers. That's cool to interlink and share their stuff. (And helps when you hit writer's block or get too busy to really blog! I know.) But I think having a system where they are listed in one place as separate from yours is good. Because I come here to read what YOU wrote. I enjoy your writings. I have my other favorite blogs, (Particularly Fangirl Verdict and Crazy For K-drama) but when I want to read them I go their sites.

    I can read much faster and enjoy that more than listening to audio podcasts. Unless I download them into my Ipod for those boring few hours at work if I'm by myself in the Funeral home. I'm basically just guarding the desk and taking any calls when there's no viewings. Unfortunately we have no computers or wi-fi. And I don't have an Iphone or anything. But I love it because I catch up on lots of reading, (and I even practice Pimsleur Korean. :) Now I can listen to audio reviews then.

    Keep up the good blog work! I also really like the artsy drama images you put around.

  3. A Korean in AmericaJune 8, 2014 at 11:24 AM

    Fixed things up! give it a look