[#Podcast] Talking about the #Kdrama Classics: Audio Review of Lovers in Paris (2004)

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  1. absolutely agree.. even if I did really enjoy it, loved the storyline, the characters and the actors, whom are some of my favorite in Jdramaland, it has that unfinished je ne sais quoi ;)

  2. Thanks to your review have this one ready to watch as soon as I finish 'Engine' with Kamura Takuya. Great review and comparison. I really didn't like Marry him if you dare. Such a huge flop with an ambiguous ending. Though I'm pretty sure she ended up with the same husband. I felt bad I didn't like it because I love Lee Dong Gun. I also loved Han Chae Ah's character and I'm baffled why this woman does not get leading roles. She's terrific.