What have I been up to: A talk about my Blog redesign initiative

Hello. This is a Korean in America.
How are you doing in the early summer days?
I have been hard at getting my reviews out as usual but also been putting efforts into some new features for my blog with some long term goals.

I want to create a gate-way website for discerning Korean drama Aficionados that aggregates the reviews and other information about Korean dramas. As short term arm of this endeavor, I am testing out some features on my blog. Some include…

1.       I have been trying to do audio reviews in the form of a podcast for all my recent reviews. These will be (hopefully) released as the same time as the written review.
2.       Thinking of doing a weekly Korean drama podcast about news and stuff but still in development.
3.       Korean drama news: I aggregate feed information from news specialty sites

4.       I am accumulating Korean drama pages that include links of reviews from various blogger and streaming link information. Thinking about adding a five star ranking system.

5.       I have a central Korean drama index page that sorts dramas by year.

6.       I am also adding in a blogger list which provides links and Facebook like and twitter follower numbers so that their popularity can easily be measured. Also thinking of adding a description section and feed.


Thanks you for reading about my ideas. Please leave feedback. 


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