One of the better trendy dramas in recent years, with a charming atmosphere, a pretty good script, strong directing, and overall solid acting. And it’s to be commended for at least attempting to tackle problems that other dramas would be far too scared to even think about.

While it does feel like a lot of its potential is wasted by the end, it is still an enjoyable rom-com drama with some novel ideas, fine chemistry between the leads and entertaining things to offer.

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It is not more than fluff and it is not a work to feed your brain, but it is good fluff, the type of fluff that is simply enjoyable, makes you laugh and brightens your day.
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An uncommon gem in the full series K-drama genre as it actually works without boring the audience through half of the total air times.
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Lifestyles of the rich and awful are a K-drama obsession. We attempt to sort out the different types of chaebols, who, in addition to being rich and attractive, are usually lucky in love, too.

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I would like to see this movie!

For all its plot holes and the obnoxious female lead's love for the male lead, I can recommend it as a fun, light hearted K-drama to watch when you just want to mindlessly sit back and relax.
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Very interesting!!

This is an interesting editorial!!!

I am thinking of starting to archive editorials be bloggers but it is actually more difficult than doing the same with reviews

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It's just a gimmick.
  • Prosecutors in #Kdrama R a fiction! 
In real life... they don't exist!
Prosecutors = Unicorn

Introducing! The Crazy For Kdrama Podcast--Episode One: Beginnings, Tangents, And Kim Hyun Joong

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