Another Kdrama Podcast beginning!! The Crazy For Kdrama Podcast--Episode One

Introducing! The Crazy For Kdrama Podcast--Episode One: Beginnings, Tangents, And Kim Hyun Joong

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  1. I belong to the one's that have seen Coffee Prince more than once. I am rather loyal to the music, film and drama that I like. For example, I haven't seen The Marx Brothers for a while now, or Buster Keaton but they remain on top of my list.

    Your analyses of Coffee Prince make sense, and do fill in some gaps.
    But, as a loyal fan, I tend to defend the A+ status it has for me.

    Compare a perfect organized theme-park, Florida-style, with a patch of grassland in a small town you pass trhough. In the park, everything fits, from catering to entertainmnent.
    On that grassfield, perhaps some older people are sitting and gossiping, a mom pushing a baby-pram, and people passing by doing their business.
    We love those random places, and prefer them.

    Indeed, after reading your analyses, the story itself is not that strong. In our country, homosexuality is not an item anymore for a long time.
    But Coffee Prince has some jewels in it. The acting is well done, and the many small jokes are genuine funny. The choice of music is super, with Across The Ocean from Azure Ray coming into mind first.

    Korean drama often has some imperfectness in it, but that seems to give it it's charm.
    The person that put me on the Korean track 5 years ago uses the slogan I.M.Perfect often.
    Suits me very well !