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I’m a drama-addict haha.
One day in September 2011, I decided to actually do something with my drama-watching and created this blog. If it doesn’t help someone out there, at least it’ll eventually help me somehow :D
I started listening to Kpop around 2001 and started watching Asian dramas around 2006....I’m a major BBC, (Block B fan), and Zico is my ultimate bias, (favorite out of all celebrities).
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·         Answer Me 1997
·         Big
·         Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
·         Dream High
·         Ireland
·         Lie to me
·         Ma Boy
·         Mary Stayed Out All Night
·         Miss Ripley
·         My Girl
·         My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
·         Pasta
·         Personal Taste
·         Princess Hours/Goong
·         Prosecutor Princess
·         Protect the Boss
·         Queen In Hyun's Man
·         Rooftop Prince
·         Secret Garden
·         Shining Inheritance
·         Shut Up Flower Boy Band
·         Take Care of the Young Lady
·         Tamra Island
·         The Thousandth Man
·         Wonderful Life
·         You're Beautiful


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