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  1. I love this drama! I'm using it in a class starting next week, on kdrama!

  2. I'm probably the only fan in the K-drama world who has not seen this drama. Even though I love Gong Yoo. I just don't like gender benders. I managed to enjoy most of Sungkyunkwan Scandal because of all the guys and the story, but for the most part I find them annoying and unrealistic. And she's like Korea's sweetheart, but I'm not a big fan of Yoon Eun Hye. I KNOW, something must be terribly wrong with me. Maybe one day I will watch this.

  3. Even though I'm not interested in this show, I enjoyed your review and analysis. I forgot about Shakespeare Twelfth Night. That was one I didn't have to read in Shakespeare class back in H.S. But that GB element was in other of his works.
    Sometimes we are entertained thoroughly by something, but then when it's time to break it down, we start to see the flaws and issues with plot, pacing, characterization, etc. etc. Nothing is ever so perfect…except Chuno! Kidding, kidding. I know that has some monster truck holes after watching it over a few times. But I think every K-drama has a flaw here or there. Nope, make that, every work of entertainment anywhere. Gender bending as a gimmick annoys me, I prefer other gimmicks, like rich-man/poor girl or vice versa or no gimmick, just a straight up good story without silly misunderstandings that could easily be solved by talking for 2 seconds. It's stuff like that which gets under my skin.
    "Hello Coffee Prince, there's a slight rumor going around and I want to clear it up. I'm not a boy. I'm a girl."
    "Oh, okay. Whew! Cool. Let's date." (Saves himself 3 months or so of anguish and sexual identity issues.)

    But that would make it like a one hour drama special. But as you say, it's not the fundamental plot of the story.

  4. I honestly don't know what the hype was all about with this drama. I did not enjoy watching this drama at all! The plot was very weak and as you said, what was this show about actually? I have no idea. None of the story lines were interesting and even memorable. After the main characters started dating, there is nothing else to talk about. The family not accepting the "tomboy" is ridiculous. The "tomboy" not wanting to get married was boring. The second lead's story was going nowhere. Boring! I did finish the drama, but I personally struggled through the whole thing. Subplot were very boring and as you said, unresolved. Eh, I honestly don't know why this show is popular, maybe perhaps, as you mentioned, because of the chemistry between Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye. Sad. sad.

  5. A Korean in AmericaJune 17, 2014 at 2:04 AM

    The family not accepting the "tomboy" is ridiculous but actually true for korea which is sad. The best selling books in Korea is how to books to make $$ or survive in society.

  6. That's really sad to know. It reminds me of when I saw an older lady who was walking into Hmart, but she was dressed in luxury. I was wondering who goes food shopping dressing this nice! Luckily, I didn't marry into a family who looks down on other people. I guess that's why dramas where the poor person actually marries into a rich family for love and not necessarily money is very popular.

  7. Coffee Prince is well loved by many I think because of several reasons. I would argue the theme of the drama, and the dominant reason the drama is loved, Is about ultimately loving a PERSON, not a gender, not a culturally, defined gender role, not a paycheck, not a reason, not an expectation. If you look at all of the relationships, the "problems" arise from the fact that one person has wants, needs, goals, expectation, that conflict with the other person. The Prince and the Pauper conflict because he thinks she is a guy -hat is the most contrived conflict, but from the viewpoint of addressing cultural issues, it is arguably the most important because it makes the statement that love ultimately is about who a person is inside. The writer said her intent was basically to take the female character and put her in a role where she was loved for who she was not for what she looked like-it was not really about any homeeroticism. On another complex note, the Prince also struggles with falling in love with Eun Chan because she is an extension of his "rejection" of his family as Eun Chan ultimately is not unlike his hardworking family oriented grandmother. The Artist and The Composer conflict because she wants a more free career oriented lifestyle, she does not want to be a traditional Korean woman/wife, she doesn't want to be pigeonholed by The Composer or their families. This also says a little something, because it addresses culturally defined gender roles. The Waffle King fell in love with a married woman, fell in love with being a hero, a knight, to a damsel in distress. But she doesn't want to be rescued by him, doesn't want to be his damsel, and in fact runs from him as much as she ran from her abusive spouse. The Idiot loves the sister, who wants fame and fortune, not an idiot coffee server. The Barista loved a woman that liked the attention of other men and liked his money, but he would still be with her if he could. The Paupers mother is a reformed version of his former love.

    I like that it juxtaposed the rich kid with an avid interest (toys) that really had no ambitions, and the poor kid with a dream and ambition (to make money so her family could live well) but with no real interest. And that leads me to another area-Reality versus Wants and Dreams. This is something most of the characters deal with throughout the drama, sometimes with their ambitions, sometimes with the love line.

    Something Coffee Prince does is in the small stuff. I was thinking
    today about this drama, even before reading this, smiling to myself over
    the little interactions between the Prince and his Grandmother, and how
    he delighted her, and how she delighted him. The look on The Prince's
    face in the "My Eun Chan" scene, when he realizes that Eun Chan is HIS
    Eun Chan. The quiet, loving charm of the Princes' mother, and he conspiracy between her and the grandmother. The apple picking team building trip. The Composer's disbelief and delight in watching people think Eun Chan was a male. Also, the cast just seemed to gel.

    Like you, I think the drama cracked in the end, the pacing was off, and part of that was the extension, which the PD fought tooth and nail against, but lost. That with whatever health issues Yoon Eun Hye was experiencing that made her participation in the last episodes tenuous, threw the drama out of sync in the end. It held together enough
    to give us a satisfying ending in that the two leads got a happy ever
    after of sorts even if it all seemed a bit off.