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At its best, Witch’s Romance is a giggle-inducing cute-fest. At its worst, it’s derivative and slick to the point of soullessness. But I’m happy to report that the former outweighs the latter—if only slightly.
---Outside seoul

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Hello. This is a Korean in America. Today I'll be doing a preview of the first 2 episodes of a new Korean drama, "Temptation" (2014). This will hopefully be a short article.
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Hello. This is a Korean in America and I am stuck in Manhattan because of bad weather.  So, I'm sitting down to write this preview of "Marriage not dating" (2014). This is done after watching the first 2 episodes.
Hello this is a Korean in America. I'm sitting in the bar of the midtown Hilton at 54th street and 6th Avenue. Going about Manhattan is great but it does has a down side of being on a constant move in a sea of people. This does hurt two things other than your feet.

Hello. This is a Korean in America.  I have been spending time in NewYork for the weekend.
It is a lovely city that seems to keep trying to get more tourists in every time I visit the city. Over the weekend there are markets and food kiosks selling over priced food and stuff to the tourists like crazy.

Hello. This is a Korean in America typing  away in a basement of a pizza place at 50th street Manhattan waiting for  my phone to charge.

Recently, I had watched the movie "Snow piercer" which is a primarily Korean movie made with mostly western actors. The movie is a  high concept allegory about class struggle which does not translate fully with the western actors other on a conceptual level as they do not have the underlining resentment that Korea and this director display.

Why is this?
Why is class struggles so fundamental to Korean entertainment?

This is a Korean in America. I'm writing this sitting in a bakery/ deli near the 57 street, Manhattan. I just had a pretty good chocolate éclair. So, I plotted my behind on the chair and started to write on my tablet like a hipster albiet neither that well dressed or young. The first thing I started to write is the review of the new planet of the apes movie.

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This is not a story of flower boys and pretty girls; this is something that grownups will sink their teeth into. It is also a story that can be watched multiple times and grows richer with each repeat viewing
In a personal way that I did not expect, The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry resonates with me. It is part magic show and part morality play, offering me hours of escape and a lifetime of lessons, in a tone that’s neither preachy nor patronizing
---Thundie's prattle