A weekend in Manhattan without my laptop... only my tablet

Hello. This is a Korean in America.  I have been spending time in NewYork for the weekend.
It is a lovely city that seems to keep trying to get more tourists in every time I visit the city. Over the weekend there are markets and food kiosks selling over priced food and stuff to the tourists like crazy.

I also got some kebab and walked around the city for hours. Not to mention the over priced rich deserts that i would normally not touch. I love walking around Manhattan for hours. It is one of the most interesting cities in the world to just stroll. I also sat in cafes and wrote stuff like a New York hipster However, not that fashionable.

In any case, I did not bring my laptop with me this trip. I always bring my laptop when I travel. However while I was throwing stuff into my suitcase and putting my laptop in my backpack... I felt the weight and I said F it. I just left my laptop on my desk and took my tablet.

First I felt naked. I am a person that seems to carry a lot of literal and figurative baggage.  So, it was adjustment.

However,  now...

I like it. No weight of a laptop and power supply on my back, I feel free. This is interesting since I used to feel comfort by having weight on my back. If is the comfort of suffering, I guess...

There are draw backs to only having a tablet. I do miss multitasking which the tablet is not good at. Some websites cannot be handled properly by a tablet. An example would be blogger. I cannot seem to get the formatting on my blog to work properly.

While I do not think I could survive more than a week without my laptop, it is good to not have it weigh me down for a  change.

Singing off from Manhattan.
A Korean in America


  1. I'm reading this as a tutorial on "How to Survive Without Laptop" as I will have same in few days.
    Enjoy your stay^^

  2. NICE! I want to take a walk around the city soon. Even though it's only a subway ride away, I tend to only go to Manhattan when I know exactly where I'm going and what i'm doing. I get so 'lost' roaming around.