Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 3: No Cardboard, Please!

Episode Three! of #Kdrama Themed Podcast


  1. Wonderfully written review. I was considering seeing this movie and you just nailed it for me. I've always liked Mark Ruffalo. I love how you explain his roles. Yes, you don't want to see him miserable, you want to see him excitedly climbing out of that misery. I'm very glad that it pulled you out of your funk. I know what those are like and it just stops everything. I look forward to your reviews again.

    Since you reviewed this musical, what do you think of the new 'Trot Lovers' musical K-drama? The first 4 episodes are out and I love it! The Trot music is so feel good!! Makes me want to buy an old Trot record. (I love my record player.)

    It may have some cheesy, 'lets put on a show!' familiar tropes and the usual drama cliches, but it works. They are actually refreshing because it's been a while since I've seen them. Lately K-dramas have become very self-aware of their own cliches and poke fun at them. This drama takes them all seriously. Shin Sun Rok as the President's son is a complete stand-out in every scene. Now I realize it's because he has vast musical theater experience. (Though he's not singing or anything in this drama, so far.) The singing is wonderful. I think this has great potential to be a K-drama musical that works really well.

  2. only watched 1 episode and did not catch me. The story was very generic and the female lead is like a block of wood. The kid actor acts circles around her.

    I may give it another episode but not enough interesting for me at this point.

  3. aww, oh well. Yes, I saw a lot of reviewers saying her acting was sub-par. Her singing is wonderful. I think she improved though. Her character is supposed to be tough and cold at first, dealing with a lot of crud in her life and this jerk singer. Sometimes actresses have a hard time expressing that without being wooden. I appreciate it more when she's happy, she has a bright, warm smile that feels more natural in those scenes.

  4. She is not terrible for armature actor but has no real screen presence.
    The show seems overtly gimmicky. (Music)
    Kdrama usually do not display much actual passion and love for its gimmicks