Days of Looking for #1 and electricity: Walking around in Manhattan with only a laptop.

Hello this is a Korean in America. I'm sitting in the bar of the midtown Hilton at 54th street and 6th Avenue. Going about Manhattan is great but it does has a down side of being on a constant move in a sea of people. This does hurt two things other than your feet.

The first is your bladder. Any place between 40th street and 60th street around time square is full with people trying to release themselves. So, establishments near by are very wary of people dropping in to take a leak. Even big hotels guard their lavatories like they were storing gold. Many of them locate their restroom in the back and are only accessible via keycard.

So, do not expect to go tinkle around time square if you did not spend a fortune to get a room around there. I would recommend getting far away from time square as possible. Away from time square, most places let you use their facilities if you buy something. There are even places where you can stop by for a free number 1.

The second thing is electricity. It is a sad fact that most electronic devices do not keep its charge a full day with heavy use. So, in every Starbucks, you see people hurdled around power sockets to charge their devices for free. This makes finding a place to charge sometimes difficult when your phone flashes that you have only 5 % charge left. In the modern age, that is like death especially at night.

Since I am also writing on a tablet now, it is also a pain in the butt when I write a lot. The best choice would be to buy an portable charger which is not that expensive now a days. If not, you have to develop a network of possible access point to free power.

After coming to Manhattan for a while, you tend to develop a network of points where you can get access to physical relief and to power. It is also a plus if they had free wifi also. The go to place for all three is midtown Hilton at 54th street and 6th Avenue. Since it is just out of the boundaries of time square, no one is looking like a hawk whether you are looking to use the rest rooms.

Also, at the bar, there are alot of power outlets for business people that you could just use. The bar is only open after 5 pm. Before then, it is basically just a lounge. There is free wifi although it is just ok in speed.
Another bonus is that, across from the bar, there is a hotel bakery that sells decent the tiramisu.

Ok. I haven't had a New York pizza this trip yet. There is some good pizza below 40th street .

Singing off

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  1. Yes! You need to have Pizza. I had the best Pizza down by NYU, it's small joint, looks like a hole in the wall where you walk upstairs. But it's delicious. Unfortunately I only went once and found it on a whim so I can't remember the name. But I went after crossing the Brooklyn bridge and walked about 2 or 3 blocks.