Fan Editing: Isn’t it all about the music? “I Am Legend”

Hello. This is Prof. AKIA. I had recently done a review of “I Am Legend”(2010) which was supposed to be about a story of an All-female band. Here is a link to that review.

I was rather harsh towards “I Am Legend”(2010) in the review because it suffers from Korean Drama Hybridism  of American stories. What do I mean? I’ll lay it out for you.

At its core, soap opera type melodramatics for women is the foundation of Korean drama even though some may want to hide from this fact. However, doing a marriage story about a couple separating because the mother-in-law is evil and the husband is a self-centered ass the millionth time does get repetitive. In addition, the current generation of Korean drama creators had grown up during the 80s and 90s and thus was highly influenced by American cultural imports of the time.

It was the heyday of that sort of thing before the so called “Korean entertainment revolution”.  

The result is that there have been various attempts to merge the traditional Korean drama stories with American stories from the 80s and 90s to varying degrees of success. To be frank, most the attempts just sucked. Usually, the problem can be traced by to one of the following two things. Either the Korean creators did not really understand what made the American stories work or there were problems with the combining process. “I Am Legend”(2010) is an  example of the latter.

The not so curious case of “I Am Legend”(2010)
With “I Am Legend”(2010), the typical “Korean divorce story with an anti- upper class theme” over powers the imported “Music Band” story. The “Music Band” story is scattered throughout the rather horrendously dull and generic Korean divorce story which totally ends up consuming the “Music Band” story. This totally taints the whole show in the minds of the viewer. It did with me.

However, if you dumpster dive into the trash that is the show, you can find gems of beautifully acted, filmed, scored scenes about the “Music Band” that is a terrible shame to just throw away.


I decided to do a fan edit called “I Am Legend: All about the music”. As the title implies, I reshaped the show into basically a movie centered around the band. The Korean divorce story is trimmed down to the bare minimum. This includes the “Erin brockovich” type story that comes in in the latter part of the show.


I Am Legend: All about the music” is about the rise of an amateur band and nothing else.

To do so, I had to rearrange the story so that the  divorce plot from the first 5 episodes or so represent all of that story line in the fan edit. So, no awkward transformation of the self-centered ass of a husband into a sympathetic guy in the fan edit.

He is an ass throughout the fan edit!

Current state of the fan edit
At the current state of the fan edit, I have cut it down to around 200 minutes. I tried to keep as much of the musical scenes in the cut as possible. Also, all of the scenes that are in the fan edit are relatively intact. This means that there are a few left over dialogue referencing plots that were either cut or rearranged to come in in different parts of the fan edit.

Also there are mistakes made during editing process as fragments of video which was deleted are still left in there. Most noticeable examples are around 2:10, 2:40 marks of the fan edit. The reason they are still in there is that it takes 3 hours to render the video and 6 hours to upload a video which is actually much longer than the editing process itself. I am not going through that process again without feedback

At this point, I want know whether the story works in this version and which parts to further cut out as there is redundancies in the scenes especially in the musical performances. I would like to gather feedback about this before I proceed.

I need volunteers to watch the 3 part version with all its problems and give me feedback. Both people who had watched the show previously and newcomers to the show are needed for objectivity.

If you want to volunteer, please contact me at


Rock on!!!!


  1. I never saw the full drama before this, but was excited to see your fan-edit. I watched all 200 minutes and I think it was job well done. It was like watching a Korean rock-band movie. With the focus on the band, it made for some very enjoyable scenes of music and friendship. And the earnest acting by the Ahjummas showed that. They were so cute.

    The poor lead looked like she was stuck married into the most boring family alive. Although she did bring it on herself with her greedy ways, you can tell she regretted it fast. One thing I noticed was the contrast of the 'family and divorce' scenes with the band scenes. The whole color scheme changes-family and evil MIL and husband – everything was dull and beige, tan, white and brown. Once she broke out of that it was all spangle, dangle and bright colors, she let her hair flow and they all looked like Madonna wannabees. Which was a cute central theme of their band.

    To my ears, the original music for the band had a very pop sixties quality to it. I really liked it.

  2. I got a 160 minute version done. Email me to
    I'll send you a streaming link.

  3. Soundtrack download link:

  4. Thank you, I have it from the last email. Will catch it soon.

  5. Woohoo!! Kamsahamnida! This is great!