Hello. This is the collection of photos I took during my trip early August.

As I wait to board my plane that would take me from what was my home for about a decade, It is complicated. I feel sad but still too preoccupied by the task of leaving.

What can I say?

It was a lovely time at a lovely place with lovely people. To be frank, I would never had started to write if I stayed in Korea.  So I am grateful.

Korea is a difficult place to find one's voice as it is filled with noise and only the loud and aggressive are heard.  I was never the one who was heard and had given up being so.

I would have just been happy being alone at the north pole where there was no one who would shout above my whispers.  However this rather changed while I was in the U.S.

I am starting find my voice with my writing and vlogs. It is now my task to continue this and try to find away to live using this voice. It is a epic task especially in Korea.

However I should try to match the challenge.  You need to go home at least once. This includes going back to burn it down to the ground.

This is a Korean in America.
I will still be so at least in heart even if my body is in Korea.