Bon Voyage Vlog #2


  1. I totally get it about going home with the tail between the legs. I've been in the same neighborhood/city for 27 years. (for 3 or so years I moved to a different neighborhood, just the same city.) I'm just not a big traveler. And don't necessarily have the means to. Oh well. It's like a hamster wheel. It's always interesting to hear about the real life in other places/countries, vs. what you see on TV. Every place has its ups and downs. That's fascinating about the smiling. I find myself smiling at times to myself, or when I see casual acquaintances in the street. But there is always that feeling that if you walk around smiling you look/feel like a doofus.

    I will miss your blog! Too bad you can't just change the name to 'A Korean in Korea' and continue it. :(

  2. This is sad. I'm like the only person in the world who has never been to Florida. lol. And I have a lot of family there. Hope to get out to visit my sister around winter. I hate heat. I guess that's why I made excuses not to go. America is full of flat land, it's very nice to drive through. Have fun in Disney World!