Photo Log Of Washington D.C. Trip

Hello. This is the collection of photos I took during my trip early August.

I Just Arrived At Reagan Airport.
My Hotel, the Windsor Inn . It is nice for what it is and had good wifi. So what more would you want?

And the subway train station I used. Interesting architecture.

Going down to see the White house. There seems to be a protest about Palestine. Some one crawled up the flag pole too.

So this is the closest I got to the White house.

So let's go the the Washington National Mall.

The Washington Monument. Looking nice and tall today.

So, where Am I???

Ha...... I'm tired...Sitting below the Washington Monument. Take a picture from this seat.

At the National World War II Memorial! Its hot today. But decent amount of wind blowing.

A picture of OHIO!! GO! OSU!!!

Lot's of lazy chubby ducks. No real survival instincts 

Korean War memorial~ 

 A dedication by Yongsan High school  from an area where U.S. troops used to be station at.

The faces...

Lincoln Memorial 

I do not know why but that face is so emotional for me. Much more than any Korean figure in history I know....

Vietnam Memorial wall...

Capital Hill!! IT is damn sunny!!

 Went to see "In the moonlight" at a was not a great movie.

Going out to get something the eat after a hard day of sight seeing.

End of the day!!!
Morning and brunch!!!

Going to the space and flight museum 

Mmmm.... Delicious? 

 The first German Jet Fighter!!!

Martian Art!!!

Let's get something to eat and see a movie!!!
China Town!!

Saw "Guardians of the Galaxy". It was so so.

Good Night!!
NExt day..
Meeting up with @CEP_Observer & @missienelly 

Where Lincoln died!!

Going to American history museum.

 Korean War !

Something to eat! Recommended by @CEP_Observer

 A missing dog poster!! What a name!!! Pacific Rim anyone? OR Godzilla?

Natural history museum! No Ben stiller Though...

Dawn of the planet of the apes!!!

 Lazy racoon!
 Hungry hippo!

 And now!!! Turtle Power!!!

It was a fun trip.

Washington D.C. feels like a cleaner, quieter version of Manhattan, N.Y. However, at the same time, it is less cosmopolitan. The two places have their process of gentrification in common. Sitting in front of the monuments that represent the power of U.S.A., I feel like, even though I have a grasp of POWER theoretically, I do not really understand POWER really. I never had much power and never really thought I would ever had much.

An interesting thought is that I do not think that those who actually understand POWER also. It is just that they are able to naturally swim and keep afloat in that environment...

In any case, this was my trip to the capital of my former home. I enjoyed myself and would not hesitate to come visit again.

p.s. D.C. seems to be very into Mexican food at the moment. I like it but not that much...


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