Have you ever tried to translate Korean in to English?
It is more difficult than you would expect. In many ways, translating English into Korean is relatively easier. You can basically replace the the English words with their direct equivalent in the Korean language and you get somewhat of a readable translation.

Yes, there are some structural issues especially when you use less plain English, avoid first person pronouns,  and action verbs.  
However, comparatively, a English  sentence is much easier to translate. One of the reasons for this is that English  sentences tend to have most of the relevant information in them and, at the same time, they tend to be concise relatively speaking.

Hello. This is AKIA Talking writing from Korea at the moment. Recently, the news that ABC is remaking the recent Korea drama “My Love From Another Star” has had the Korean drama fandom peeing its pants. Among the overreaction within the community, there is an evident lack of any kind of understanding of the inner-workings of the US television industry. So, I am here to force the fandom into an ALS challenge with tons of ice water.

This does not mean anything!
This does not validate your status as a member of a niche community.
And needing one’s ego stroked and constant foreign validation is a KOREAN thing!

On the right, the article or more likely an Ad (it is rather difficult to know) is about a wonderful product that helps you memorize 3000 words in 3 weeks. The picture is of a actress in a dress that has no relationship with the content and is not included in the article.

Oh! Korea!

Original article: 위메프 "올 4분기 판촉비에 400억 투자"…소셜커머스 '쩐의 전쟁' 또 불붙었다

This is a economic article about the social commerce industry in Korea. I will list both my translation and Google' for comparison and fun.
Also, the names that Korean companies come up with is just silly!!!
(“we make price”, Coupang and Ticket Monster)

The company, “we make price” (위메프), decided to invest 40 billion won in various marketing campaigns including TV advertisements within the fourth quarter of this year. This means spending more than 60% of the total 62.9 billion won advertisement/sales promotion budget of last year in a single quarter. This is intended to establish a solid lead in the social commerce industry in which it form a 3 way race with  Coupang and Ticket Monster.

Funny but so true!!!

Korean title: [연예기자24시]수익 정의 계약서만 64장, 돈독 오른 외국영화사라고?


[Economic Daily Star Today Jin hyeon-cheol reporter] According to 유재혁, the CEO of the production company “Our happy youthful days”,  the portion of the contract defining the meaning of “what is profit” reaches about 64 pages. The production company “Our happy youthful days” filmed the movie “Slow Video” starring Cha Tae-Hyun, Nam Sang-mi.
$6.50 & No tip & Tax included
Why is Korean restaurant food cheap?

OK! We do not pay tips.
But this discussion is limited to the menu sticker price of food.
Oh and the  tax is include in that price!
Hello. This is AKIA Talking from Korea. I have been tweeting stuff I see on the streets of Korea since I came back about a week ago. Among the towering apartment complexes, the numerous mobile cell phone related stores everywhere, and the sheer amount of leg you can see just walking on a crowded street, the most interesting stuff I tweet about is related to food!!

So right... especially since I did not love the movie. 
I started to fall off Marvel movies with the first Captain America movie. 
The plots are just convoluted collection of silly ideas. 
The villains just are lame expect for Loki. 
And I'm starting to get bored with the aesthetic of the franchise. 
So... You can guess what my feelings are concerning the Guardians movie.

IT DOESN'T know the difference between vertical and horizontal.   

The two are two different dramas and caters to different people and I’m just one of those who found the Taiwanese version much more enjoyable.


My thoughts
I'll take your word for it. Did not care about either. It is just sad that Korean drama has to adapt what is basically just a generic Romcom because the writing talent in the industry is so thin. 

" the drama is enjoyable enough and certainly worth your time"  ---excerpt

High praise...
You Know how I think about the show!

---AKIA talking!

"I really enjoyed it! Although it’s full of cliché stuff...and we pretty much know where things will go, I found it an easy-breezy watch"

My Thoughts! by AKIA talking

So I'm not sure at this point by reading this article on why should I watch this show. 
The only really positive thing in this article is that RAIN is good.
Since I am not a fan girl or a "girl", there might not be anything for me.

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A Walk Among the Tombstones Movie Review

The spectrum of male masculinity according to Liam Neeson.

Hello. This is AKIA talking from Korea. If you do not know yet, I am part of the male species. Just saying as my audience seems to be predominantly female. Even though I am curious of what that experience would be like sometimes,  I am male and I’m pretty happy with that fact. This is enforced every time I go to the men’s room and see lines forming in front of the ladies’. However, even for me,   the concept of masculinity is a complex one.
Ken Burns is so influential in my life. I think my view of America has been ssignificantlyformed by his work.!

Nice talk about his views and works.

This is a Korean in America or AKIA talking. It has a few days since I set foot on the soil of my birth place or accurately the concrete/asphalt that cover the odd place called Korea after years of staying in America. So, You could expect that it has been somewhat of an adjustment. While time flows at a constant pace, Korea tends to charge ahead using a supercharged engine.

MBC's newest Wednesday-Thursday drama My Spring Days premiered and is already showing promise. Kam Woo Sung and Sooyoung's chemistry is undeniable and exceeds expectations, what age difference?

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