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This is a Korean in America or AKIA talking. It has a few days since I set foot on the soil of my birth place or accurately the concrete/asphalt that cover the odd place called Korea after years of staying in America. So, You could expect that it has been somewhat of an adjustment. While time flows at a constant pace, Korea tends to charge ahead using a supercharged engine.

At the same time, some things are the same. The nature of who Koreans are have not changed that much. More accurately, I will have to say that the recipe is mostly the same with the exception of more "spice" in the recipe. "Spice" in this case indicate those elements that you must put in in order for a Korean to pop out of the oven. Without those elements, you may get Tai food instead. And it is not the same when you have a craving for Korean after a day of blogging which means you spent the day in a coffee shop with free WIFI.

We are still rather insecure and needy relative to... let's say just us. I am trying to avoid acting in a Korean manner and comparing ourselves to the general world.

The mixture of the familiar and new is somewhat disorientating and I think it will take some time to find my bearings. In regard to my blog, this is the first time I have done much writing in more than a month since the former life in the U.S. had concluded. It is nice to feel the texture of the keyboard under my finger tips as I awkwardly type on them using only a few fingers as a time. I would never make it as a secretary. It is a different feel from using the virtual keyboard of my tablet which I have been primary using for my personal communications during my hiatus.

Now sitting in my old room in Korea with my decade old brick of CRT monitor at the corner of my eye, my immediate goal is a mundane one. Put food on the table. In regard to my blog, I am thinking of doing shorter reviews which differs from my previous efforts since I have commonly written 4000 word essays on the site. At the moment, I do not have the time for those stuff that take days to write. I still have a "TEN' review laying around in some hard drive half finished. What is an issue is that writing short anything that is good is a difficult task. Most Korean dramas can be used as evidence for this statement. Many Korean dramas, at least miniseries, are 4 hours stories extended to 16 hours.

I will keep trying to make improvements to my skills. In additions, I am planning to keep doing 2 or 3 VLOGS every week. I do need to keep up my English skills.

So, this is AKIA talking signing off for the day. See you later. If you have some spare change lying around, donate $1 into my paypal account. It would be appreciated. As with most, we DO work for tips.


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