Goggle Translate went crazy: translating Korean is an headache!

Have you ever tried to translate Korean in to English?
It is more difficult than you would expect. In many ways, translating English into Korean is relatively easier. You can basically replace the the English words with their direct equivalent in the Korean language and you get somewhat of a readable translation.

Yes, there are some structural issues especially when you use less plain English, avoid first person pronouns,  and action verbs.  
However, comparatively, a English  sentence is much easier to translate. One of the reasons for this is that English  sentences tend to have most of the relevant information in them and, at the same time, they tend to be concise relatively speaking.

I'm not talking about old timey academic writings from when Americans still wore wigs out in public. I can just remember those examples popping up in an English example. It was one of those find the wrong word in a sentence questions.I'm shivering. I'm  decent with the English language but those are hard.
This is not the case for Korean. Korean sentences tend to be overly long and pondering. They tend to not include all of the required information needed to find the intent of the creator of that sentence. 

Oh, if you use a lot of "of"s in a sentence, Google goes "bat shit" crazy. 

As a native Korean, you do end up assuming at least some of the specifics within a sentence when you read and hear things. 

As a result, programs such as Google translate have a fit when trying to translate Korean. Here is an example of this. 

TV ads with coupons and reserve pay scale also greatly increase the above mepeu. The plan was conducted last year, 'Black-Price', similar to the "200% Guaranteed lowest 'type event. Expensive than its competitors earn points if 50% of the purchase price last year, and 14 million people has increased as the number of subscribers to open your promotions to compensate for the difference between two times above the mepeu. Recently raised more than double the server capacity for this event is above mepeu.

“we make price” (위메프) also drastically increased the size of its coupon and mileage budget in parallel with it TV ad. This means that they are planning an event similar to the “Black Price” and “Maximum low cost & 200% reward” events of last year. By giving away 50% of the purchasing price as mileage points and, in the case of the price was not the lowest, refunding the difference last year, they increased their membership to 14 million. “we make price” (위메프) increased their server capacity to more than double for this campaign.

The top is done by Google. It is incomprehensible. The bottom is what I did.
Read it before reading on.Ok.
This difference between languages, partially, is language grammar level issue. However, at the same time, it is a reflection of the society's basic cultural.  

Korean language does not have to be thing way in my opinion. One can actually construct a Korean sentence, a Korean paragraph with all the information required in it although it is somewhat more tricky. You have to be very careful in your composition. This is the hurdle of the average Korean has to get through. In general, Koreans have a tendency to be impatient which very much hinders this whole thing.

Korean is a well made language! However, it did not evolve in a high quality environment.  It evolved and developed as a street language. This upper level fat cats used Chinese characters to formulate their fancy poems. The remnants of this still exists within the Korean language. 

What I am trying to say is that it is a pain in my ass to translate Korean into English. You basically have to come up with at least 10% original material in order for the translation to make any sense.
Am I making sense? mmm.... I'm a Korean so it does not matter if I make total sense of not.
Just assume that I make sense since I'm the one with the blog. lol

Let's now use text slang in written sentences too! ;P


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