Her Legend Review by [Zombie Mamma] &My thoughts

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If you’re looking for a drama with well-developed characters, a decent story-line and enough twists of fate to make your head spin, Her Legend is one you should definitely watch.

My thoughts
One thing agree with the review is that the first few episodes and the flashback scenes are too much to take. 
In addition, the female lead, who I do find interesting is hamming it up more than usual. 
So I do not find her character any bit believable.  
And this is from the first moment I saw her.
I do not believable she is a real person or any bit competent in her job.

However, it may get better as the reviewer said. I only saw two episodes and quite torturing my self. 
I do not have a masochism side... well less than a normal Korean who tend to have a lot of it.
Why keep watching a show when it is painful. 
We have ton of stuff to watch.
It is a golden age of TV.

In the first 2 episodes, there is nothing unique to keep me watching. 
Also JTBC should stop making Korean dramas. 
None of them are good. 
And they are also oddly not good. 
They have decent technical staff but nothing they make is good.


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