Joseon Gunman Review by [Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato] (7.5/10) & My thoughts

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...the story had all the right ingredients and the characters were compelling but it didn’t have a unique feel....there was some fancy gun-wielding, which I have to admit loving...The drama’s strength is certainly Lee Jun Ki.

My thoughts
I was also not interested in the first few episodes of this Korean drama. 
This seems to be in line with the reviewer. 
The story was rather a ragtag copy and paste job of better sources ranging from Korean to American. 
I knew there was going to be a secret identity ala Zorro in the show.
The reviewer seems to like this part of the show. 
I cannot say that I would since I quite before reaching those episodes.
However, it takes way too long to reach those parts.

The action was OK but the guns were too advanced for the time period. 
Also, I did not like the gun porn aspect of the show.
However,  the last straw  for myself was that the two leads had no chemistry.
None at all.
In some ways, the male lead in drag would have been a better female lead than who the show got.
But that is another story.
From the episodes that I had seen. she make everyone around her act worse. 

Not the worst Korean drama actress I have seen in recent months but nothing to call home about.

This review has some nice points about the show. 
Some I agree with. 
Some I cannot have an opinion because I did not stay with the show long enough.
However, none of the stuff written makes me think my initial opinion of the show is wrong.
It is  that only some of the show was terrible.
The rest is just meh!!
I would watch a meh US show than a Korean meh show. 
The latter is too overactive to stand being just meh!


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