As a fictional representation of the society that they were created in, movies are interesting windows into the soul of a society. This is not a huge leap of imagination to understand this. What is a leap is that bad movies may have as much to show you about a society as good or even great movie. Bad movies are less polished and less well thought out and crafted. Thus, in a way, it can show one the most common pedestrian view and understanding of that society that can only be seen without all the intellectual insight and messages that a good movie has. This movie, “Informant”, is one of those cases.

Hello. This is AKIA Talking now writing from Korea. Today, I’ll talk about something not necessarily in my wheelhouse. It is fashion. It is Halloween after all.

Hanbok? If you are reading this, you must have seen some “Hanboks” on a Korean drama.

What is “Hanbok”?

Well it is a general term for pre-modern age Traditional Korean dress ware. This includes the outfits you see in the royal household and those worn by peasants. If you see any mainstream historical period piece Korean drama, you may get an idea of what I am talking about.
Show Title:  9 ends 2 outs
Resident World type:  Close to reality with friend focus
Name: Byun Hyung-Tae
(Q: Does the name have any relevant meaning?   )
              Do not think so

Hello. This is a AKIA Talking.

I am currently trying to create a Korean drama character personality workup database. As it requires someone to watch more Korean dramas than I currently have free time for, I am trying to crowd source it.
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Hello. This is AKIA talking and it is congressional review of the executive branch season in Korea.
So, there is alot of fun news coming out in order for the congressmen to show off and get their faces on the front page of newspapers both electronic and actual paper.

As with USA, the typical stuff that can be easily pointed out as executive branch's incompetence is defense. Defense is a topic that always makes a good head line.

Hello. This is AKIA Talking writing from Korea. I have been rather hesitant to do any serious writing for about a week. The reasons for this are rather uncertain.  Who knows why these episodes of  melancholia happens. I needed to google the word “melancholia” because it was on the tip of my soggy brain but nothing was being outputted.

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...Because I’m so impressed by the questions the show raises, as well as its general approach to relationships and healing, I’d like to spend more time talking about those facets... it doesn’t only examine the marriage relationship, even though that is a major focus. It also casts the spotlight on relationships between siblings, between parents and their children, as well as between parents-in-law and their sons- and daughters-in-law. 

Korean Producer:
The producer has some products that are setup to ship overseas. This means that there is a option to ship overseas. However, it is not very intuitive.

With other products, you can ask and they can ship stuff overseas but you have to do it manually through text. So, it maybe difficult to get all the shipping costs arranged if you do not know Korean well.

If you want, I could help you arrange stuff.
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Hello. This is a AKIA Talking.
I have recently found a new blogger while searching the #Kdrama webs. It is called "Drama and life".
Even though it has been up since last year, this is the first time I have visiting this blog.
It primarily deals with #KDrama and JDramas and the number of reviews done is impressive for a less than 2 years old blog. What is more impressive is that it actually provides numerical grades on the 10 point scale. There are so few blogs that do this any more.

While the blogger's taste is slightly more fan-girl than myself, it is to be expected. Overall, the spectrum of grades for its Korean drama library has much overlap with my own.

On the negative side, the reviews themselves are rather short and not that interesting to read. More than half are plot description and the rest is reactive impressions. However, it is not too bad for a quick visit to the blog.

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Hello. This is AKIA Talking.
Have you tried to get things shipped from Korea? Not the large stuff but small purchases.
Since I have been back, I have been looking at the matter.
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people either really love the drama or really hate it...The thing that I really love about the romance is that it feels like a relatable, modern romance. There are no chaebols. There is no makeover for the heroine. It’s not overly gimmicky. The way these two people meet and fall in love feels natural....There are a lot beautiful nuggets of logic, wisdom and heart to find in this drama.
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this fusion-like sageuk is very interesting. Very cowboy-ish, very fantasy like, very complicated characters (reminded me so much of Inspiring Generation), and very fresh!...I still couldn’t follow the story well

My Thoughts
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This drama is definitely something new in terms of plot line, after all the main lead girl got pregnant from the first episode with the second lead – and this for sure is new...As for the acting, I’ m actually pleased with the overall feeling the actors give to their characters.

My thoughts
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I don’t like either male character in Gi-Young’s life at all. One is a chauvinist pig who seems to hate women and the other is a childish weirdo with possible violent tendencies...if it turns out to be about another rich, snobbish family who uses their power and money to shove her into the ground, then I’m out.

My thoughts
You know your fears will come true!!!

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