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this fusion-like sageuk is very interesting. Very cowboy-ish, very fantasy like, very complicated characters (reminded me so much of Inspiring Generation), and very fresh!...I still couldn’t follow the story well

My Thoughts

This is more like a casual morning talk show chat piece.
There is very little information and a lot of them is about the author. 
However, for that kind of written piece, it is nicely done. 
You are here more for the author than the information.
In this case, going for short and descriptive is way to go.
And this article fits this mold.

In regards to the show, there are few but descriptive sentences.
And, from them, it seems appropriate for the show they are describing.
It is not a deep or very well made show.
However, not bad to have in the background.

And this is a taste or more accurately a philosophical issue I have. 
One thing I still do not get is the whole "not following the story but still good" comment 
For myself, story is king. 
If you cannot follow the story, there is a serious problem with the show.
It is serious enough to format your hard drive; snap your Wifi router's antennas off; pull the cables out of your wall stuff.

It is less so but still a serious problem when it is a very light show in the vein of "My love from another star" which the story made no sense.
I mean any middle school creative writing class teacher will rip the script up in front of class and make the kids cry just in principle.
but alas... it is hard to beat chemistry in Korean dramas.

That is it for AKIA Talking and criticizing other reviewers' pieces.  
Well for today...


  1. At this point I'm going to defend Bae Soo Bin's character. I previously used the word 'cad' and I will stick by that. He's definitely one. But how many times is the writer of that review going to call him a misogynist? We only saw 1- 10 second scene of him bullying her. We don't have all the facts and pieces of the puzzle. He needs a chance just like every other jerk drama lead. Was everybody head over heels for Lee Min Ho in the 1st episode of Boys over Flowers? And how many other buttwipe k-drama leads became amazing characters? The best example I can think of is Jang Hyuk, in the little drama gem, Robbers. He was a slime bucket con-artist whose early actions caused a character to commit suicide.

    What we do have in The Greatest Marriage. Is a man that is was literally humbled to his knees to get his old job back and took 2nd anchor position. Working for the woman he once talked down to. The tables have turned. How he deals with it and hopefully matures from it is going to be an interesting ride.

  2. To be honest, it’s pretty rude of you – I mean it’s the
    overall feeling I’m getting from you after taking a few lines then saying that “the
    author's tastes are not that discerning” when ‘taste’ and ‘opinions’ are a matter of subjectivity.

    My intention for writing that wasn’t to tell people what’s
    the drama about, but in fact to share my overall opinion on the first two
    episodes (thing that you failed to sense), therefore you can simply find written plots all over the internet. Just
    take your pick.

    If you were to read the whole article then you would’ve
    understand why I like the drama but then you forgot an important thing, it’s
    just my first impression after seeing the first two episodes.

    But I’m curious, if I were to have the same opinion and
    views regarding this drama as you then my article wouldn’t be seen as written
    by a “relatively newbie” or an author with tastes that “are not that discerning”?

    @LadyGin again, that’s my opinion after seeing the first two
    episodes, I call him a misogynist because that’s how he is presented in these
    episodes. However do you even understand what a misogynist or a bully is?

  3. Thanks for commenting. Nice to see someone new commenting.
    In regard to your question at the end, I have no opinion about the show. That is why I wrote "uninformed opinions". Also, people can like whatever one wants.

    The rest is about the writing style and organization of the article itself and not the content of the episode. Overly broad, fluffy,and scattered, which if you have read any of my stuff, you would get that I do not put much weight on those writing characteristics.

    I view it as an easy method of writing. Usually whenever I grade papers that use similar approached, I automatically give them bellow a B grade.

    Well, That is my opinion.

    In a way, it is similar to those that have problems with grammar errors, "Grammar Nazis" are they called?. They cannot put any weight to the opinions of those who have poor grammar. I, personally, do not care much about that topic. I'm more of a "structure/organization " person.

    In any case, it is your blog. You can write whatever you want in anyway you want.

    I take the same approach. Isn't that the reason we do this thing that take up a lot of time and does not pay anything.

    Well, you may get paid much. I have no idea of your specific case. I do not get paid anything from this endeavor.

    Going back to the main point.

    Other people's opinions are other people's opinions. You can take them if you like or ignore them if you do not. At least, people are reading your stuff. I tend to have fun with fan girls coming to my blog and commenting when I say negative stuff about their specific celebrity crushes at the moment.

    It is just a treat.
    Signing off.
    Have a nice day.


    AKIA Talking