Drama and Life: Introduction of a Korean drama Blogger

Blog Link: http://sarahsidhesaid.blogspot.com/

Hello. This is a AKIA Talking.
I have recently found a new blogger while searching the #Kdrama webs. It is called "Drama and life".
Even though it has been up since last year, this is the first time I have visiting this blog.
It primarily deals with #KDrama and JDramas and the number of reviews done is impressive for a less than 2 years old blog. What is more impressive is that it actually provides numerical grades on the 10 point scale. There are so few blogs that do this any more.

While the blogger's taste is slightly more fan-girl than myself, it is to be expected. Overall, the spectrum of grades for its Korean drama library has much overlap with my own.

On the negative side, the reviews themselves are rather short and not that interesting to read. More than half are plot description and the rest is reactive impressions. However, it is not too bad for a quick visit to the blog.


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