Example of a #Kdrama character personality workup database

Show Title:  9 ends 2 outs
Resident World type:  Close to reality with friend focus
Name: Byun Hyung-Tae
(Q: Does the name have any relevant meaning?   )
              Do not think so

Gender: ( Male   )
(Q: What restrictions does this put on the character?   )
             He was conscripted into the army.
             He is only interesting in females as romantic possibilities
             He does not seem to have many close male acquaintances beyond his work
             Less direct daily contact with his family
Profession: Some kind of advertisement professional.
                   Other than as a career, his job does not seem to be indispensable to his being.     
                   He is willing to take a long sabbatical from his job to look for his ex-girlfriend.  
                    *List whether it has motivational relevance

Aspirations:  To advance in his career in the vaguest terms
                     To get back or at least confront his ex-girlfriend. (unspoken hidden need)
                    *List only one or two major ones

What would the character NOT do?
                    *What kind of behavior would destroy the character if they were forced to do it?
                     Be violent to women.
                     Be insincere when serious
                     Be a bad friend
                     Most criminal behavior is off the table.  
                     He fits nicely in a nice late 20s guy.
                     He can be playfully petty at times.
                     Be stoic or silent.
Attitude toward sexual relationships:
(Q: What kind romantic/sexual relationships the character can have?   )
He seems to be ok with casual hook ups
However, once he is in romance mode, he is a commitment whore.
(Q: How would this affect the character’s marriage?   )
            In most cases, he may be a faithful husband or at least try very hard
(Q: Etc   )
           While he is sarcastic, he does not view female sexuality as a negative thing.

Physical traits: 
*Only list if it has some story point or influences behavior or motivation. Being extremely pretty or ugly does meet this criterion
               _ Relatively hansome enough to easily pick up women at bars

Family composition and story function (Father, mother, siblings, uncles, aunts)
*Does the family member have any some story function or influences behavior or motivation? Being abusive or having debt does meet this criterion.
*Note whether the member is a key antagonist to the story
              Unknown. He has family but they do not play much of a role in the story.

Current personal relationships and dynamics
*Only those that have significance at the beginning of the show.
*Long lost loves do not apply
*Describe how the relationships either restrict or provide opportunities for the character. 
             ( Close non-romantic female Friend: Hong Nan-Hee)
                                                 Tight relationship and support with frequent daily interaction

Acts/stuff that bring the character joy?
*Only those that have story relevance.
            (Fishing with his Close non-romantic female Friend)
                                        Commonly done to either get away and deal with emotional issues.
          (Eating in and outside with Close non-romantic female Friend)
          (Drinking outside with Close non-romantic female Friend)

Past traumas and consequences
*Only those that have story relevance.
*This also includes long lost childhood first loves or amnesias or being adopted
*Only brief descriptions of the consequences relative to the character

              (  Break up with ex-girlfriend_)
His musician girlfriend dumped him years ago and he is still not over her.
This prevents him for going into his natural mode of being a relationship whore

              ( Inability to get out of the friend zone)
                            Many times,  he was unable to confess his interest in his
                                  Close non-romantic female Friend
                            The effects of this may have some effect on his tendency to be a

                                  relationship whore.