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운명처럼 널 사랑해




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First Impressions

Stuck on Hyuk
First Impressions

A fairytale world
First Impressions

K-Drama Central
First Impressions

Obsessive Compulsive Kdrama Watching Disorder First Impressions

The fangirl verdict Series review
Uneven but solid
Noonas Over Forks Series review7
Orion's Ramblings Series review 

Aigooyobo Series review7.5
Asian movie drama Series review
A great story with everything in its place, you can’t ask for more, nor remove anything
kdrama chronicles Series review
I smiled through a lot of scenes and was just delighted by this very good drama
Stone cities Series review
I totally recommend anyone who is looking for something to watch to turn this show on–you will not be disappointed
Nani Kani Series review
There are some flaws, but you will love the cute story
Kaede+Jun Versus Analysis

A fairytale world Versus Analysis


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