Galaxy S5 & LG U+ 88 Haul Video


  1. "It is serious enough to format your hard drive; snap your Wifi router's antennas off; pull the cables out of your wall stuff."

    That made me laugh! Story should be King. Sometimes I'll reject a drama just because of a bad plot description posted somewhere. (But that is often because it gets lost in translation.) Fangirls tend to be shallow (I've been there) as long as their 'bias' is in it, or they feel that "simmering" OTP chemistry, they will 'hate watch' a drama. You find yourself suffering through a drama from beginning to end just because of those silly reasons. As a k-drama newbie you tend to "hate watch." But then reality kicks in and you realize there are far greater ones out there and life is too short to waste 16+ hours on lousy drama.

  2. I love these images! Thanks for sharing what the real streets of a Korean city looks like. Gee…a lot like New York City. LOL. You know, you go someplace, expecting it to be crazy different, and it's not. City life in most places is just city life, you start throwing up big buildings, subways, etc. and that's what it is.

    Maybe everyone should shun biker shorts. But I've seen worse.

    I like the cobblestones street in the Baskin Robbins photo, I think it's smart of them to keep some payphones. Reminds me of the blackout in 2003 across the East Coast. They were a blessing to find. Lines went around the block.

    That is totally the worst "NYC" model eating cream cheese. He's obviously a mid-western transplant from a week ago. Sorry, it's not the cream cheese that makes it NY, it's the 'dem bagels!!

    I can understand why Cheese cake would translate to gone with the wind if it's that good. lol. But do not understand about Puss in Boots and alien mothers.

    Those refrigerators are gorgeous!! So retro-fifties! I really want one. Love the irony of "Zoo Coffee" I wonder if they get it. haha.