Giveaway and crowd sourcing #Kdrama character personality workup database

Hello. This is a AKIA Talking.

I am currently trying to create a Korean drama character personality workup database. As it requires someone to watch more Korean dramas than I currently have free time for, I am trying to crowd source it.

Oh, and I am giving away two gold plated bookmarks (Worth $4) shaped in the form of traditional Korean designs. Among the people who send in a workup, two will be randomly selected and will be mailed a book mark. One workup will be treated as one entry in the lottery. So, the more you send in, the more chance you will have.

You can send in a workup via email or post it in the comment section. However, if you used the latter, you need to provide contact info like email or twitter handle.
*Some regional restriction may exist depending on postal status of the region


Is this peeking your interest?

What do I mean by character workup?
Imagine you are a shrink and you have a #KDrama character on the counch. You are scribbing on your pad while the character bitches about his life(LOL). What would you write on a single piece of paper summarizing the character?
When you imagine a Korean drama character, you may think of the actor. But try to separate the character from the actor. Just imagine if you were roleplaying the character, what information would you require.

This may be a little tricky..
Korean drama characters tend to be rather paper thin and are forced to fit into the typical character molds. However, each character does have specific nuances to them. Think about the core traits that drive and define the character’s actions.

Will the character jaywalk?
Will the character pick up a coin on the street?

I am trying to gather brief circumstantial, behavioral, and motivation information that may describe who the character is (circumstantial), how the character may act (behavioral), and what would the character want (motivation).

The giveaway will end at the end of the year.

Here is the relevant information required. If you cannot think of any relevant info to fill in the category and you do not think that it is required, you can leave that category blank. In addition, you do not need to be specific regarding the content of the #Kdrama. You do not need to include names or specific details. 

Show Title:   (Nothing special with this item)
Resident World type: (Choose one or make up your own label of the world the character is a resident of)
·         Close to reality world
·         Close to reality with family focus
·         Close to reality with work focus
·         Close to reality with friend focus
·         Over the top conglomerate drama
·         Over the top romance focus
·         Over the top family focus
·         Over the top thriller
·         Supernatural thriller
·         Medical focus
·         Close to reality historical world
·         Supernatural historical world

Name: (  Character or actor’s name. Either will do        )
(Q: Does the name have any relevant meaning?   )

Gender: (    )
(Q: What restrictions does this put on the character?   )

Profession: (   )
                    *List whether it has motivational relevance

                    *List only one or two major ones

What would the character not do?
                    *What kind of behavior would destroy the character if they were forced to do it?

Attitude toward sexual relationships:
(Q: What kind romantic/sexual relationships the character can have?   )
(Q: How would this affect the character’s marriage?   )

Physical traits: 
*Only list if it has some story point or influences behavior or motivation. Being extremely pretty or ugly does meet this criterion

Family composition and story function (Father, mother, siblings, uncles, aunts)
*Does the family member have any some story function or influences behavior or motivation? Being abusive or having debt does meet this criterion.
*Note whether the member is a key antagonist to the story
             (  _Relationship to character_)_____Description________
             (  _Relationship to character_)_____Description________
             (  _Relationship to character_)_____Description________

Current personal relationships and dynamics
*Only those that have significance at the beginning of the show.
*Long lost loves do not apply
*Describe how the relationships either restrict or provide opportunities for the character. 
             (  _Relationship to character_)_____Description________

Acts/stuff that bring the character joy?
*Only those that have story relevance.

Past traumas and consequences
*Only those that have story relevance.
*This also includes long lost childhood first loves or amnesias or being adopted
*Only brief descriptions of the consequences relative to the character

              (  Past trauma_)_____Description________


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