"Greatest marriage" first-impressions by [Couch-kimchi] & My opinion

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I don’t like either male character in Gi-Young’s life at all. One is a chauvinist pig who seems to hate women and the other is a childish weirdo with possible violent tendencies...if it turns out to be about another rich, snobbish family who uses their power and money to shove her into the ground, then I’m out.

My thoughts
You know your fears will come true!!!

Haven't seen this show yet. 
I have not been watching much Korean drama since I've been back.
Being in Korea seems to have removed much of the magic of it. 
Or i'm just stressed out.

In any case...

However, from what has been written in the article, the author is not giving me any interest for seeing it.
It seems like one of those very soapy even for Korean drama shows. 
The concept does not seem to be anything special. 
Among the cast, I only somewhat like Park Si-Yeon.
However, she can be problematic.  

Also, the cable network the show is on is not appealing 
 Its TV Joesen. 
It used to be a print tabloid magazine which expanded into cable TV. 
The TV cable network's other programming is still  tabloid-ic.

So, I'm probably not its target audience. 


  1. I watched the first episode because I like Park Si Yon and No Min Woo, otherwise the basic plot does not appeal to me. "I have a sterling career, and live life as I please, but since society dictates I should be dead and buried because I'm 35 and unmarried – I fool around with a younger man (also chew him out for acting his age) and now I'm pregnant. How did that happen?? Oh otteoke!"

    To be honest, almost all the the characters are unpleasant. Even the 2nd lead gold-digging girl after No Min Woo. I'm still gonna give it the good old 3-4 episode try. I'm curious about the cad Bae Soo Bin plays, but I think he's trying to hard and coming off as a real cartoon. At least in the first episode. I still want to know his story.

  2. Okay, I watched episode 2 and now I'm loving cartoonish Bae Soo Bin. His (phony) but gorgeous puppy dog eyes won me over. So many odd love connections in this drama to make your head spin. And right now the Park Si Yon's character is the only one acting mature about anything.