"Greatest marriage" first-impressions by [Second Lead Syndrome] & My opinion

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This drama is definitely something new in terms of plot line, after all the main lead girl got pregnant from the first episode with the second lead – and this for sure is new...As for the acting, I’ m actually pleased with the overall feeling the actors give to their characters.

My thoughts

I have my uninformed opinions about this show on the imaginary pages on the internet previously.
Here is the link
So, this is just about this article.

The approach? 
It seems over the board a cautious but positive impression piece. 
It is not a bad thing to get your hopes up although if you've been in the Korean drama watching world long, you grow out of that fast.
So, when I view a piece like this, my first impression is either the author is relatively newbie  or
the author's tastes are not that discerning.
Both are not something to crucify someone about.
However, I do somewhat put less weight on the article automatically.

What about the article itself?
Sadly, the articles itself is not very structured or specific. 
I still do not have a clear impression of what the show is and why the author thinks positively about the show. 
It is a shame.
 I did not get as much from reading the article.

I am finished bashing fellow blogger for today.
AKIA Talking out! for today  


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