LOL! Korean congressional review bashing defense... always good for a laugh.

Hello. This is AKIA talking and it is congressional review of the executive branch season in Korea.
So, there is alot of fun news coming out in order for the congressmen to show off and get their faces on the front page of newspapers both electronic and actual paper.

As with USA, the typical stuff that can be easily pointed out as executive branch's incompetence is defense. Defense is a topic that always makes a good head line.

So, what is wrong with the defense of Korea. Well... general bureaucratic complacency and lack of funding... same old story which is not uncommon to folks across the seas.

Here are some bullet points

  • The air force's anti air 20mm Gatling guns have "LAND targeting night fighting" sights rather than "AIR" targeting sights. Thus, cannot be used to fire at aircraft at night. 
You cannot shoot at planes with land sights since planes are not tanks.

  • The navy's 3 high tech submarines are beached half of the time because of fuel cell defects. 
It cannot dive for more than a few days at a time because the cells keep failing.

  • Air force purchased old used patriot missiles from Germany which has problematic components which are no longer being manufactured.
Cheap anyone?

  •  The more than 60% of the anti-torpedo defense system's ammo protecting the $900 million high tech Aegis cruiser are rusted and unusable.
Lazy maintenance 

  • The main command cruiser is still using a computer system from the 1990s which breaks down all the time.
I just threw out a PC that is newer than that. 

  • The Korean ammo supply is only sufficient for a week of combat in a war time situation
OK just cheap! But I have only shot like 30 rounds of ammo my entire life.

While it feels like a joke, it is what we are at.

AKIA Talking signing off.

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