My tale of Shipping Gifts to America

Hello. This is AKIA Talking.
Have you tried to get things shipped from Korea? Not the large stuff but small purchases.
Since I have been back, I have been looking at the matter.

I wanted to send gifts to the folks back in America.
This included some red-ginseng tea and some honey made using the nectar of Acacia flowers.

I got the tea for around $10, nothing too high end. High-end tends to go over $35
Here is a link about Red-ginseng

The honey was around $15. So, overall the content of the package was not that high.
However, shipping is not generally cheap. It could easily go over the value of the actual package being shipped.

There are generally three main avenues to shipping stuff out. The first would be using the Korean postal system. The second is using foreign mail carriers. The third would be using a 3rd party company to ship at the best price.

While foreign mail carriers are fast and provide good service, they then to be very expensive.
The 3rd party companies are not as cost effective when the volume you are shipping is not above a certain level.

So, you end up with the  Korean postal system. The more expensive option is EMS. It will reach the U.S. in less than a week. However, it will cost more than $40. Second is International Air parcels. This will take about 2 weeks. The cost will be around $30. For anything above medium weight, this is the best option.

What I chose was small Air parcels. Up to 2.2lbs, it costs $10.65 to ship to U.S. It tend to arrive within 3 weeks.
In my case, I was 0.07lbs over! The next cost bracket was 3.3lbs which costs $15.97....


Tracking is another $2.50. I got tracking and I think it was worth it since I can see that the package is still in Korea even after 2 weeks.

Oh and the shipping box was $0.40 which I got a #3 box from the post office.

So, it cost me $16.37 to ship a package worth $25... It was not bad since, if I could have shaved off 0.07lbs, I could shipped it $5 less.

Oh and tape was some bubble wrap was not included as I had them lying around.

Currently, looking at the tracking web page wondering why it is still in Korea.
Have you shipped stuff from Korea?

Any questions?


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