One Warm Word #KDrama Review by [the fangirl verdict] & My thoughts

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...Because I’m so impressed by the questions the show raises, as well as its general approach to relationships and healing, I’d like to spend more time talking about those facets... it doesn’t only examine the marriage relationship, even though that is a major focus. It also casts the spotlight on relationships between siblings, between parents and their children, as well as between parents-in-law and their sons- and daughters-in-law. 

My thoughts
This is one of the Korean dramas I only caught 2 episode of before it was rather forgotten. It came out riding the winds of the the whole "Infidelity" fad at the time. I was rather fed up with that subject even before the fad started. So much has already been done with the affair topic. As a result, this sort of stories are not easy to tell without dipping deep into the cliche.

Usually the  angles these type of stories can take are limited to either life time channel movie style "men are bastards" or Tyler Perry style "Sinful desire". Both had been done to death since the 80s.
I recently saw the pilot episode of Showtime's "The affair" which I think have promise. While I liked what I saw, the plot, of the little I saw, was very standard. What really made the show work was the acting talents and the chemistry between the actors.

I did not see much of that in the first two episodes of One Warm Word. It was nowhere near terrible but just somewhat generic. This could have changed in the following episodes. The precedent of this is too many to speak in the realm of Korean dramas. However, the subject matter was not interesting enough to risk ending up hate watching the show.

However, the fangirl verdict's review made me think I should give the show a try again.

The fangirl verdict's reviews tend to one of the more dense ones in the Korean drama blog realm. As a person that struggles to put thoughts to paper, I am impressed with the volume of the output. At the same time, I do think that the organization of this review is off.

A lot of the front part of it is loaded with somewhat broad impressions. This is a common issue with Korean drama blogger. For someone who has not seen the show, there is no context to these. In addition, where could one really go after one broadly writes "I like this actor because his acting is good"?

Nowhere other than validating the opinions of the already converted. With fangirl verdict's reviews, this is not exactly the case. There is more meat there but you have to read until the end of the long review to get to it. Those needed to be pushed to the front and the broad platitudes to fandom could be pushed to the back.

In any case, the fangirl verdict's review made me curious about the show. So, it did do its job.

Kudos to the fangirl verdict


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